Join ISC2 to discover how IT managers view the use of AI in cybersecurity

Did you know that federal IT managers see cybersecurity as the single biggest opportunity to apply artificial intelligence in the federal government? With attacks becoming more widespread, it’s no surprise to see so many federal agencies are looking for a new approach to overcome the challenges they face.

Hear from federal cybersecurity thought leaders

Join this two-part webcast series, featuring John McCumber of ISC2 and Ian Doyle of IBM, to take a deep dive into the results of IBM’s Federal Cyber AI IQ test and learn how federal security analysts can respond more rapidly to threats by applying AI to cybersecurity.

Webcast : Using A.I. to Find the Needle in the Federal Haystack

Using AI to uncover hidden threats and revolutionize the way security analysts work.

Webcast : How Government Agencies Can Harness the Power of AI

Prevent, detect, and respond to today’s security threats with collaborative and cognitive solutions.

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