IBM opens cyber range to practice security battles

Test your agency's cyber threat readiness.


Today, the US government is more often falling prey to hackers. It takes power and precision to stop the new wave of sophisticated cyber attacks and unknown threats.

IBM Security offers government leaders an integrated, end-to-end Security Operations and Response solution. It’s an intelligent, orchestrated, automated approach to prevent, detect, and respond to threats.

How it works

Prevent, detect, and respond to all of today’s threats across your agency with a single collaborative and cognitive solution. Find, fix, and secure threats and vulnerabilities; Prevent network exploits and limit malware communications; Use advanced analytics to discover and eliminate threats; Generate response playbooks and coordinate activity; Automatically update incident artifacts with threat intelligence.

How you benefit

IBM Security Operations and Response solutions and services help government agencies orchestrate their defenses throughout the attack lifecycle. Discover unknown threats with advanced analytics; Respond to incidents faster and with precision using deep forensics; Continuously stop attacks and remediate vulnerabilities; Manage critical security incidents and eradicate threats.


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Orchestrate your defenses

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