Readying your security operations for 2019 and beyond

Over the past several years federal agencies have seen cyber-attacks become more sophisticated and more adaptable, mutating readily to stay one step ahead of the static technologies designed to defeat them.  It’s become increasingly clear that cyber defenses need to be  smarter and more dynamic—able to adapt quickly to these attacks.

With complicated technology environments and a growing skills gap, responding effectively has become more complicated than ever.  To respond and adapt to these attacks, security teams need an integrated set of capabilities that allow them to orchestrate their response according to pre-defined plans with automation to speed remediation.

Market leadership in security intelligence and analytics

Once again Gartner, Inc has positioned IBM QRadar as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM (Security Information and Event Management). Understand why IBM QRadar continues to extend its lead as a security intelligence and analytics platform.

Take a proactive approach to threat detection and prevention

Because today’s advanced attacks tend to be more persistent and better organized than those we’ve seen in the past, we need to take a more strategic and proactive approach to stopping them. That means continuously monitoring activity, prioritizing high-risk assets and gathering, preserving and retracing key evidence. It also requires that you assume constant compromise and take advantage of behavior-based methodologies to identify and take action against potential threats.

Prevent, detect and respond to advanced attacks

Network protection

Protect your entire network in real time with intelligent solutions

Endpoint security

Detect and stop advanced threats before damage is caused

Security intelligence and analytics

Collect key information and apply advanced analytics

Incident response

Orchestrate and automate for a faster, smarter and better response

Threat hunting

Protect your enterprise and fortify cybersecurity with actionable threat intelligence

Intelligence analysis and investigations

Turn overwhelming and disparate data sets into actionable intelligence, in near-real time


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