New attack vectors require new security solutions

As humans, we sense and respond to situations using a lifetime of experience and learning. When an agency’s security systems can do the same, it arms its security professionals with the collective knowledge and instinct to respond to attacks with greater confidence at scale and speed. A cognitive solution can outthink and outpace attacks with security systems that can understand, reason and learn.

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Hear from federal cybersecurity thought leaders

Join this two-part webcast series, featuring John McCumber of ISC2 and Ian Doyle of IBM, to take a deep dive into the results of IBM’s Federal Cyber AI IQ test and learn how federal security analysts can respond more rapidly to threats by applying AI to cybersecurity.

Webcast: Using AI to find the needle in the federal haystack

Using AI to uncover hidden threats and revolutionize the way security analysts work.

Webcast: How government agencies can harness the power of AI

Prevent, detect, and respond to today’s security threats with collaborative and cognitive solutions.

Teaching Watson the Language of Security

Rather than replacing human analysts, cognitive security solutions empower those analysts to supercharge their knowledge and abilities. IBM Watson can consume massive amounts of threat data from a wide range of sources—including unstructured data sources like blogs, news reports and threat intelligence feeds—providing analysts with deep security knowledge at their fingertips. With this knowledge, analysts can respond to attacks with speed and confidence.

Identify and Understand attacks with Watson for Cyber Security

  • Security analysts are overwhelmed with data. That means even the most skilled professional operates on a bit of hope when investigating an attack--hope that they're asking the right questions at the right time
  • The cognitive power of IBM Watson helps analysts track billions of data points and pull out only the ones that are relevant to a particular attack scenario.
  • IBM QRadar Advisor with Watson combines the cognitive capabilities of Watson and the industry-leading QRadar Security Analytics Platform to understand attacks and automate insights, revolutionizing the way security analysts work.


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