Test and Evaluation

The IBM Team provides a complete suite of testing services for tasks such as developing and executing test plans for testing of IT solutions; providing independent validation and verification (IV&V) for Army systems and solutions; and independent DITSCAP or other security standards ST&E. Work includes specialized analyses, technical support, and execution of early operational assessments, development and operational tests, and evaluations for the full range of IT solutions.

Services & Descriptions

Assessment and Planning

Provides full range of test assessment and planning services to support the development of a successful lifecycle testing operation. Provide services such as scope, objectives and commitments review; stakeholder analysis; evaluation and selection of test methods and tools; stakeholder analysis; identification of performance measures; test requirements analysis; and the development of an execution plan (e.g., a list of deliverables and delivery dates; a quality plan; test project plan, defect management plan and change management plan).  

Test Design and Execution

Provides a full suite of test development and execution services to ensure solutions are compliant with Government policies and procedures, and with system specific requirements. Provides services such as general and technical support to Government T&E IPTs; overall test design; automated test tool configuration; test script development (automated or manual scripts); pre-test readiness reviews; general T&E execution (e.g., Development, Integration and System); Performance testing (e.g., load, response time, system tuning, etc.); IT-unique testing (e.g., specific application, network, interface); area-specific testing (e.g., independent DITSCAP ST&E, business process and procedure testing); and Rational Tool Suite implementation and management (e.g., requirements management, automated testing, defect tracking, configuration management).  

Analysis and Reporting

Provides a full range of analytical services to support the monitoring, analysis and reporting of T&E projects. Provides services such as recording and reporting of test results, analysis of test results, exception management (e.g., "bug tracking"), management of feedback process, issue management, update documented test plans, post-test assessment reviews, and documentation and report preparation of final T&E results and analysis.

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