Technology Insertion

The IBM Team provides a full range of technology insertion services for tasks such as the development of a business case for the insertion of a proven technology product into the Army Infostructure; designing revised architectures for incorporation of new technologies into existing systems; and developing Technology Integration and Insertion Plans to mitigate the risks with implementing new technologies. Work includes market research, technology innovation and business adoption to support the Army with integrating proven advances in IT into government information systems. IBM, the world leader in patents for ten consecutive years, will be able to leverage its Research and Development to support the Army's initiative to implement state-of-the-market technologies into its infostructure.

Services & Descriptions

Market Research and Opportunity Assessment

Provides technical research and analytical services to support the infusion of best commercial practices and state-of-the-market technologies into Government systems. Services include, but are not limited to: market surveys, development of case studies, product evaluations, research and development of emerging technologies and methodologies, impact analyses, cost analyses, risk assessments, and the development of formal insertion recommendations.

Design and Planning

Provides a full range of design and planning services to support the insertion of targeted technologies into the Government infostructure. Provides services such as full architecture (business, data and application) development and/or revision in accordance with the Army Enterprise Architecture Guidance Document (AEAGD), development of a Technology Integration and Insertion Plan (TI/IP) (e.g., transition plan development, critical path analyses, risk mitigation, development of change management and strategies, and an integrated project plan).

Technology Insertion

Provides comprehensive technical construction, configuration and implementation services to ensure successful insertion of state-of-the-market technologies into existing systems and/or the Government enterprise infostructure. Potential opportunities for insertion include, but are not limited to improvements in the following technology areas: communications, distributed processing, distributed communications, On-Demand services, artificial intelligence, expert systems, cybernetics, robotics, servomechanism controls, data storage, data retrieval and information security. Provides construction and configuration of selected technologies and the execution of the TI/IP within our PM methodology. Includes the ability to leverage our extensive knowledge gained from current research and development activities.

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