System Development and Implementation

The IBM Team provides a comprehensive suite of system development and implementation services for all areas of ITES - EMS3 scope. Services include tasks such as constructing, configuring, testing and rolling out a designed knowledge management solution; developing the technology components, and implementing the change management and training required to rollout reengineered business processes; and developing a training strategy, constructing training materials, and administering actual user training for any type of organizational training need. Work can span all SOW task areas, but focuses on providing the execution services to follow the design and planning performed in areas such as Enterprise Design, Business Process Reengineering, and Information and Knowledge Engineering. The IBM Team will ensure all systems and solutions are aligned within the framework of the Army enterprise, NETCOM's Networthiness program and the DoD integration framework.

Services & Descriptions

System Development

Provides comprehensive technical construction, configuration and installation services to support the rollout of enterprise, state-of-the-market solutions for the Government infostructure. Services include, but are not limited to: custom application development, COTS/GOTS configuration, product configuration, interface development, environment construction and implementation (e.g., hardware, software, network, and telephony), component coding, data cleansing, system documentation, testing (see also section Test and Evaluation), accreditation attainment, and trainin


Provides a range of implementation services for successful rollout of the solution to meet functional and technical requirements. Provides services such as execution of the defined implementation, change management, configuration management and data migration plans; acceptance testing; system documentation and measurement of metrics, measures and business outcomes.


Provides a broad scope of training services to support the infusion of best commercial practices for training into the implementation process for any Government solution. Includes services such as training strategy development (e.g., defining training objectives, target audience, approach and methods), training content development (e.g., curricula, materials, CD-ROM, SCORM, AICC, etc.), administration of training (e.g., train-the-trainer, instructor-led training, webcasts, etc.) at any location or locations around the globe, and training tracking and effectiveness measurement.


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