Software Interfaces and Configuration

The IBM Team provides a full range of program management services for tasks such as managing the full delivery of programs, task orders, and on-going contracts; providing management, technical and administrative services in support of Army-managed programs and initiatives; and mentoring Army staff in effective management techniques, methods and processes. Work spans program analysis, solicitation development, contract acquisition support, technical support, and lifecycle program and project management focusing on the attainment of desired outcomes, with measured results, while minimizing the risk and burden placed on the Government for the administration of performance-based programs.

Services & Descriptions

Enterprise Analysis

Provides technical and analytical services required to assess the enterprise architecture to identify potential transformation opportunities as it relates to the building of effective integration of processes and data between Government systems. Provides the services such as review of organizational goals and objectives; process and data analyses; integration architecture analyses; infrastructure analyses; and development of the envisioned integration architecture.  

Solution Definition

Provides technical services to define the strategy using the EAI framework. Provides services such as process and data definition; vendor, product and package evaluation; development and implementation of technology pilot; integration architecture, and IT infrastructure definition; and data migration and testing strategy development.  

Solution Design

Provides a range of EAI design services to create the detailed to-be state of the enterprise integration architecture, and to plan for construction and implementation. Provides services such as development of integration architectures (e.g., network, hardware, software, data, operations, maintenance and security); development of detailed interface specifications and business rules; development of data migration and testing plans; development of the implementation plan (e.g., initial schedule, draft project plan, change management plan, configuration management and QA plan); and metrics and expected outcome definition.  

System Construction

Provides a full range of EAI hardware, software, and programming services to construct sustainable, interoperable software interfaces and configurations. Provides services such as IT environment construction and implementation; Integration Engine construction and configuration; API development and configuration; component coding (e.g., COM+/DCOM, CORBA, EDI, Java, UML, XML); data cleansing; testing; user and administrator documentation; training development.  


Provides a range of implementation services to ensure successful rollout of the integration architecture to meet both the functional and technical requirements. Provides services such as execution of the change management, configuration management and data migration plans; solution and acceptance testing; IT environment support; measurement of metrics and outcomes.


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