Seat Management

The IBM Team provides a full range of program management services for tasks such as managing the full delivery of programs, task orders, and on-going contracts; providing management, technical and administrative services in support of Army-managed programs and initiatives; and mentoring Army staff in effective management techniques, methods and processes. Work spans program analysis, solicitation development, contract acquisition support, technical support, and lifecycle program and project management focusing on the attainment of desired outcomes, with measured results, while minimizing the risk and burden placed on the Government for the administration of performance-based programs.

Services & Descriptions

Application Installation

Includes full range of application installation services including analysis, design, planning and implementation. Ensures applications are integrated according to Government technical specifications, policies and guidelines. Includes services such as application and infrastructure analysis (e.g., product evaluations, requirements analysis, policy reviews, site surveys, impact analyses); application design (e.g., data mapping, system file and table builds, site planning, application configurations, testing strategy, training strategy); implementation planning (e.g., data acquisition, conversion and migration planning; risk analyses and mitigation; development and administration of application training, project plan development); and application implementation (e.g., oversight activities, application testing, acceptance testing, documentation).


Operations and Monitoring

Includes full operational support services for applications, networks and systems by providing state-of-the-market technologies, methods, tools and processes. Provides services such as technical and administrative support for applications, networks and/or systems; system and network administration (e.g., the application of system modifications, tests and implementations; error handling and management; system documentation; process improvement activities; quality assurance; configuration management); system monitoring and remote system monitoring.


Maintenance and Sustainment

Includes full range of system maintenance and sustainment services to ensure systems remain compliant, state-of-the-market, sustainable and supportable. Provides services such as change request analyses (e.g., impact analyses, estimate development, project planning); system design, testing (e.g., compatibility, interoperability and full regression testing) and implementations (e.g., changes in application code, system configurations, platforms and/or product upgrades); project management; configuration and change management; system documentation.


Customer Support

Includes a comprehensive suite of customer support services to assist system users at all levels by implementing best commercial practices for information access, procedures, tools and techniques as developed by IBM's 3,000,000 managed seat Help Desk support center. Provides services such help desk support (at any or all tiers) including automated and integrated tool sets to track problem reporting and resolution, and maintain integrated business processes and procedures.


On-Demand Computing

Provides the ability to respond dynamically as business drivers change by offering computing power only when you needed it. On-Demand computing provides infrastructure optimization by providing IT capacity as a utility service, offering pay-as-you-need applications, servers, telecom, bandwidth, etc. Additional services include organizational and infrastructure analysis; market studies; and the design, development and implementation of On-Demand services in an outsourced, co-hosted, and/or Government hosted environment.


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