Requirements Analysis

The IBM Team provides full lifecycle requirements analysis services for tasks such as the developing and managing the requirements for a project or program; implementing change management controls on the requirements of an existing system or contract; and developing initial system requirements for the development of a solicitation. Management of the requirements spans throughout the performance of a contract, from initiation to closure, to ensure state-of-the-market enterprise solutions that leverage best commercial practices that comply with DoD and Army standardization and interoperability guidelines, and support NETCOM's Networthiness program.

Services & Descriptions

Data Gathering

Provides services to support collection and organization of initial requirement data. Provides services such as examination of organizational goals and objectives, identification of project goals and objectives, business process documentation, documentation of operational data flows, resource allocation assessment, stakeholder surveys and interviews, market research and surveys, and review and documentation of all applicable Government policies, standards and procedures.

Data Analysis

Provides services to assist in identifying organizational needs by analyzing data in light of stated project goals and objectives. Provides services such as business process analysis; stakeholder analysis; needs analysis; market analysis; IT analysis (e.g., application, database, network, etc.) and development of draft functional requirements.

Requirements Definition and Validation

Provides comprehensive services to confirm and define unambiguous, correct, concise, consistent and verifiable project requirements. Provides services such as decomposition of the draft requirements, prototype development and implementation, stakeholder interviews, impact analyses, cost benefit analyses, development of system and interface requirement specifications.

Tracking and Configuration Management

Provides comprehensive configuration management (CM) services to track the requirements through the life of the project. Provides services such as requirements CM tool configuration and management, requirements tracking and reporting, and independent verification and validation of requirements achievement.

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