Program Management services

The IBM Team provides a full range of program management services for tasks such as managing the full delivery of programs, task orders, and on-going contracts; providing management, technical and administrative services in support of Army-managed programs and initiatives; and mentoring Army staff in effective management techniques, methods and processes. Work spans program analysis, solicitation development, contract acquisition support, technical support, and lifecycle program and project management focusing on the attainment of desired outcomes, with measured results, while minimizing the risk and burden placed on the Government for the administration of performance-based programs.

Services & Descriptions


Provides the services required to mobilize a program team and initialize service delivery. Provides services such as: identification of stakeholders; development of Integrated Project Plan (IPP), Configuration Management and Risk Management Plan; and implementation of management, metric and reporting processes.


Provides ability to define program cost, scope, schedule, performance measures and process guidelines. Provides services such as: development of scope documentation, stakeholder analysis, organization chart, draft project plan, initial management processes, subcontractor-management plan, program metrics and reporting procedures.


Provides any support required for the execution of a task. Provides services such as: requirements analysis and definition, solicitation development, technical and management support services and source selection criteria. Provides services for the periodic review of project performance, and identification of performance improvement opportunities. Provides services such as: internal and external project assessments, financial reviews, process improvement activities and services, and issue resolution.


Provides management over the cost, schedule, and performance delivery of a contract. Provides services such as: management of the IPP, execution of the subcontractor management plan, implementation of management plans and processes, project reporting and utilization of IBM's "Seven Keys To Success (a framework for program management that tracks Work and Schedule, Client Business Benefits, Stakeholders, Scope, Team, Risk Mitigation and Delivery Organization Benefits).


Provides any service for the documentation, training, hand-over and/or closure of an existing contract. Tasks include, but are not limited to: documentation reviews, requirement evaluation, performance reviews (e.g., financial, metric analysis, satisfaction surveys), benefit realization study, program report development for Government leadership.

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