Product Operation and Maintenance

The IBM Team provides a comprehensive suite of operational support services for tasks such as operating and maintaining (e.g., monitoring, fault management, upgrades) legacy Army applications, systems, and networks; coordinating technology insertion and interface development; implementing commercial best practices, tools, processes and methodologies (e.g. remote monitoring, system tuning, and On-Demand services, CM, QA,) to improve overall system performance and cost structure. Work includes the technical, business and administrative support required to run legacy, ITES - EMS3, or other products and IBM will support an array of solutions (e.g. on-site and/or remote operations; on Government and/or contractor-owned equipment; at Government, hosted and/or co-hosted facilities) in a manner that supports the Army enterprise framework, NETCOM's Networthiness program and the DoD integration framework.

Services & Descriptions

Operation and Monitoring

Provides a full operational support services for applications, networks and systems by providing state-of-the-market technologies, methods, tools and processes. Provides services such as technical and administrative support for applications, networks and/or systems; product and network administration (e.g., error handling, product specific help desk support, error handling, system monitoring, and remote system monitoring.  

Maintenance and Sustainment

Provides a full range of system maintenance and sustainment services to ensure systems remain compliant, state-of-the-market, sustainable and supportable. Provides services such as error resolution; maintenance project planning and management; product and network tuning; application patch analysis and implementation; upgrade analysis and implementation; component, system, regression and performance testing.  

Performance Measurement and Improvement

Provides continuous performance measurement and process improvement activities to enhance the operational execution of the program and the overall service provided to the Government. Provides services such as QASP implementation, and the identification and implementation of processes improvements (see also Business Process Reengineering).  

Technology Insertion

Provides oversight and management services to support the insertion of additional, or modified technology components into the Government product. Provides the capability to leverage best commercial practices and technology expertise to provide services such as project-planning activities (e.g., resource estimates, schedule development, testing strategy); construction, configuration and installation of technology components (e.g., system interfaces, custom code, additional COTS/GOTs products, modifications to existing product); testing (e.g., component, system, regression and acceptance); system and process training.  

Organizational Coordination

Provides inter/intra-organizational coordination services to support the development of interoperable enterprise solutions that fit within the Government integration framework, and the AKM initiatives. Provides services to coordinate interface development (e.g., MOU/MOAs), implementation of single sign-on, standardization and implementation common data elements and shared databases.  

Documentation, Configuration Management

Provides comprehensive DM and CM services supporting the operations of systems and products (e.g., system documentation, configuration management, quality assurance and CMM). These services will be integrated into the all activities performed under this Task Area.

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