Market Research and Prototyping

The IBM Team provides a full range of market research, analysis and rapid development services to develop prototype applications for tasks such as IT solutions (e.g., analyzing cost vs. performance); validating interfaces and/or integration designs; and administering usability studies to develop feedback to be incorporated in the design and development of IT solutions. Work will focus on determining optimal cross-functional solutions for integration concepts, validating requirements, and identifying state-of-the-market technologies to meet specific organization needs.

Services & Descriptions

Market Research and Analysis

Provides services to leverage best commercial practices and state-of-the-market technologies in analyzing optimal solution design. Provides services such as market surveys, development of market studies, examination of existing IBM research and development, development of vendor surveys and COTS/GOTS analyses.

Prototype Definition and Planning

Provides services required to define objectives and prepare for the implementation of a solution prototype. Provides services such as development of technical approaches, schedule development, deliverable definition, implementation planning, identification of required measures, and description of anticipated prototype results.

Rapid Development and Evaluation

Provides technical services to support the rapid development, implementation and evaluation of prototype applications or systems. Provides services such as development of evaluation and/or selection criteria; prototype construction, operation and maintenance; execution of the implementation plan; user studies (e.g., usability testing, functionality assessment, and interviews); development of cost and feasibility studies; alternative analyses; development of formal program recommendations.

System Planning

Provides a range of project planning services to prepare The Government and/or a selected contractor for design, construction and implementation of the selected solution. Provides services such as development of cost analyses; initial risk assessment and definition; identification of critical paths and parallel operations (e.g., time, technology and processes); development of draft implementation plans, project plans, transition plans and change management plans.


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