Integration and Consolidation

The IBM Team provides a full suite of methodologies, commercial best practices and services for integration and consolidation of tasks such as integrating a number of legacy systems into a single solution, consolidating servers to optimize infrastructure and costs, and consolidating organizations after realignment. Work spans the integration and consolidation of hardware, software, support services, infrastructure services and organizational structures in support of the Army enterprise and DoD integration framework, along with NETCOM's Networthiness program. IBM's services are flexible and will apply to a wide range of needs, such as: data integration, application integration, centralization and physical consolidation.

Services & Descriptions

Assessment and Strategy

Provides the technical and analytical services to develop a complete go-forward strategy for integration and consolidation solutions. Provides services such as: inventory of servers and applications; measurement of server, data center assessment and selection, application and network performance; review of physical, technical and functional requirements; analysis of consolidation candidates, including, but not limited to, financial analysis, organizational analysis, requirement analysis and impact analysis; development of requirements and recommendations.

Plan and Design

Provides a broad spectrum of technical activities required for detailed design of the solution and the detailed transition plan including technology relocation, training and change management. Provides services such as: interviews of application groups; development of hardware, software and operating system models; develop detailed requirements; migration plan development; identification of required staff; logistics planning; and proof of concept/prototype development.


Provides comprehensive deployment services to support the successful achievement of the project objectives. Provides services such as: assemble and deploy the consolidation team; coordinate centralized control; execution of plan based on checklists; monitor execution; documentation creation; and full system testing (see also Test and Evaluation).

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