Information and Knowledge Engineering

The IBM Team provides a full range of information and knowledge engineering services for tasks such designing IT solutions that enable decision-making (e.g. at the command level) by leveraging readiness information and knowledge from across the enterprise; designing IT solutions that allow for cross-organizational knowledge sharing despite disparate systems and data (e.g., Army, logistics or finance systems across Arm commands); and developing data mining and search capabilities across the enterprise. Work will focus on the standardization and implementation of common data elements and shared databases in support of the DoD and Department of Army standardization and interoperability policies, and the Army Knowledge Management Program and initiatives.

Services & Descriptions

Information and Systems Analysis

Provides technical and analytical services to assess the enterprise information architecture of an organization. Provides the services such as review of organizational goals and objectives; documentation of business processes; inventory of knowledge repositories; development of functional data models and information flow models across functional domains; identification of duplicative data, process and/or system functionality.

System and Process Design

Provides technical services to design information and knowledge engineering that meet the specific business requirements of the organization and other Government standards. Provides services such as development of database documents (e.g., database design, data dictionary), interfaces specifications, data migration strategies, knowledge aggregation, search capability, new or modified business processes, and updated policies and procedures.

Requirements Definition

Provides information and knowledge engineering specific analysis to support the definition and development of solution requirements. Provides services such as development of business processes, information and data flows, and interface and data standardization requirements.

Solution Planning

Provides a range of project planning services to prepare The Government and/or a selected contractor for development and implementation of the selected solution. Provides services such as development of cost analyses; initial risk assessment and definition; identification of critical paths and parallel operations (e.g., time, technology, processes); development of draft implementation plans, project plans, transition plans and change management plans.


Subsequent development and implementation services for this solution area are described in System Development and Implementation.

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