Enterprise Design

The IBM Team provides technical expertise to design state-of-the-market, best value, enterprise design services for tasks such as designing large-scale and centralized IT systems; designing program-wide, multiple IT system single sign-on capability; and knowledge mining and collaboration systems across organizations. The IBM Team will design solutions for compliancy, sustainability, supportability and interoperability to succeed within the framework of the Army enterprise, NETCOM's Networthiness program, the DoD integration framework and other standards as appropriate.

Services & Descriptions

Market Research

Provides technical research and analytical services to support the infusion of best commercial practices into the design of enterprise solutions. Provides services such as: market surveys, development of case studies, product evaluations, benchmarking, research and development of emerging technologies and methodologies.

Architecture Development

Provides ability to define program cost, scope, schedule, performance measures and process guidelines. Provides services such as: development of scope documentation, stakeholder analysis, organization chart, draft project plan, initial management processes, subcontractor-management plan, program metrics and reporting procedures.

Gap Analysis

Provides technical and analytical services to determine the targeted areas for improvement within the architecture, as well as identify disparities between end-state and legacy operational processes, and unnecessary redundant technologies. Provides services such as: requirements review; business process, application, and data analyses and recommendations.

Strategy Formulation

Provides a variety of services for the identification and development of optimal strategy for closing the gaps between the as-is and to-be architectures, and for implementing the chosen solution design. Provides services such as: transition plan development, critical path analyses, risk mitigation, cost analyses, change management strategy development, draft project plan.


Subsequent development and implementation services for this solution area are described in System Development and Implementation.

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