IBM has established a dedicated team to assist you and your company. Please feel free to contact the appropriate individual below with questions or issues.

IBM executive team

Ira Gebler-  IBM Army Account Executive 

Chris Sauceda-  Project Executive


IBM ITES - 2S program office

Jean-Pierre Lutz-   Program Manager

Bob Carr-       Deputy & Task Order Response Manager

Richard Lordahl-  Operations Manager 

Cheryl Dalby-  PMO Operations 

Rich Montiel-  Marketing Director 

Neil Hamlet-  Lead Architect 

Mary Roadcap-  Contracts and Negotiations 


U.S. Army Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions

Keith Copeland-  Product leader Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software & Solutions

Mailing address: CHESS ATTN: SFAE-PS-CH 9351 Hall Road, Bldg 1446 Fort Belvoir, VA 22060 Phone: 1-(877) USA-ITES (872-4837) Email: Web site:

CHESS Customer Support Team: (888) 232-4405 Commercial: (703) 806-1019 DSN: 656-1019 Fax: (703) 806-8232 DSN Fax: 656-8232


U.S. Army Contracting Agency

ITES-2S Contracting Officer:  Ms. Julie L. Lawrence

Mailing address: ACC - Rock Island (ACC-RI), ATTN: AMSAS-AC, Rock Island, IL 61299-6500

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