Business Process Reengineering

The IBM Team provides a full suite of business process reengineering services for tasks such as documenting and streamlining an organization's business processes to improve organizational efficiency; design enterprise business solutions (e.g., ERP) to best leverage data, tools, processes and people to meet mission objectives; and providing business case development and feasibility studies on recommended business process changes, including support for development of Army and federal business case documentation (e.g., OMB Circular A-11, Part 7). Work is focused on improving organizational performance, increasing efficiency, fully leveraging Army's IT assets, and supporting the full-scale integration required by the Global Information Grid and Army enterprise requirements.

Services & Descriptions

As-Is Assessment

Provides a range of analytical services to assess and document the processes and performance of the existing organization. Provides services such as examination of organization business objectives, goals and cultures; documentation of business processes, work and data flows; development of a roles and responsibility matrix; and identification and analysis of operationally leveraged tools.


Needs Analysis

Provides services to assist The Government in identifying and qualifying opportunities for organizational process improvements. Provides services such as analysis of documented business processes; data flow analysis; organization analysis (e.g., goals and objectives); resource analysis (e.g., roles and responsibilities, and organizational tools); documentation of potential areas of improvement; outcome targeting; feasibility studies; cost analyses; and documentation of recommended areas for improvement.


To-Be Definition

Provides services for the development of detailed business process design in support of improved organizational performance and efficiencies. Provides services such as to-be process definition, to-be work and data flow diagrams, to-be resource allocation, design of new or modified IT, and definition of expected outcome and business benefits upon implementation of the improved processes (e.g., 30% reduction in cost, 50% improvement of process time).


Transition Planning

Provides a range of project planning services to prepare the client for implementation of the reengineered business processes. Provides services such as development of implementation plans, stakeholder analyses, draft project plans, transition plans, change management plans, and development and delivery of end user training.



Subsequent development and implementation services for this solution area are described in System Development and Implementation.

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