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Hands on Introduction To Machine Learning for Data Professionals

August 31, 2017
McLean, VA

Cognitive Maneuvers

September 14, 2017

Washington, DC

Hands on Introduction to Apache SPARK

September 19, 2017

McLean, VA

Infrastructure That Matters

October 12, 2017

Washington, DC

Introduction to the Watson Data Platform

October 19, 2017

McLean, VA


The Data Science of Weather

October 26, 2017

Washington, DC

Water, Food, and Energy Security

November 9, 2017

Washington, DC

Data Science at Scale With Apache SPARK

December 7, 2017

McLean, VA

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Past Events

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Riding technology waves: Opportunities for analytics

June 15, 2017
Analytics Solution Center,
Washington, DC

Where we are going with cognitive - 2017 Update

May 31, 2017 

Analytics Solution Center,
Washington, DC

Chief Data Officer Perspective

April 20, 2017
Washington, DC

Learning the Practice of Data Science

March 23, 2017
Washington, DC

The Art of Self-Service Analytics

March 9, 2017 

Washington, DC

Data Science at Scale with Apache Spark

February 23, 2017
McLean, VA

Apache Spark Intro for Data Engineers, Data Scientists and App Developers

February 9, 2017
McLean, VA

Cognos Analytics Art of the Possible: A Deep Dive

January 24, 2017 

Washington, DC

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