Success stories

Harness renewable energy with AI

Energinet uses AI analysis of big data to prepare Denmark for a greener future.

Predict outages before the storms hit

NB Power is using IBM AI-powered solutions to better predict and prevent outages before they happen.

E.ON fortifies its security

Reduce security risks and gain greater transparency with IBM® Security Identity Governance.

Solution areas

Grid operations

Consistently balance distribution-side supply and demand to deliver safe, secure and reliable electricity service from both traditional and renewable resources.

Customer experience

As expectations and options continue to grow, utilities must create a personal connection with each customer to increase satisfaction, loyalty and collaboration.

Digital enterprise

A digital transformation streamlines operations by enhancing supply chain efficiency and lowering operating costs.

Ready for the new energy ecosystem?

The energy industry is shifting to a more ecosystem-centric model to combat climate change. Investing in sustainable energy sources helps engage businesses and people to participate in the change.

67 percent

of business leaders consider sustainability fundamental to remaining competitive. 58% of utility CEOs say it's a key priority.

Expert insights

The Chinese government wanted to make the country’s air cleaner. IBM Energy, Environment, & Utilities Global Managing Director Brad Gammons discusses how machine learning and AI helped bring bluer skies to Beijing.

IBM Technology

IBM’s advanced technologies can help energy and utility companies harness their data to increase efficiency and reduce expenditures.

Artificial Intelligence

Use IBM Watson® to analyze energy and utility data so you can deliver affordable and sustainable services to your customers.


Monitor energy and utility data with IBM IoT technologies tailored for predictive maintenance, automated operations optimization, and best-in-class customer service.


With IBM Cloud™ you can use energy and utility data to improve service operations, ease product development, and deliver real-time insights to cut down on costs.


Leverage IBM Blockchain to increase data security and build system transparency throughout your business – all the while gaining the trust of your consumers.

Trends and news

Technology helps utilities combat COVID-19

Providing safe, affordable reliable services to customers despite COVID-19 related challenges.

Revive aging power grids with blockchain

Stressed power grids aren’t prepared for new energy patterns, blockchain can offer relief.

Empower an energy transition

Seven stories demonstrating how clients use blockchain to enable the energy transition.

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Discover how dynamic solutions from IBM can help you work smarter and improve how you generate and distribute energy to customers.

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