Grid Operations from IBM includes the services, software, hardware, technology and partners to help transmission and distribution utilities better monitor, control and manage the grid as it evolves from a traditional one-way energy system to a more complex, interconnected, participatory network. IBM has global smart grid implementation experience, methodologies, software, hardware and advanced research capabilities to help utility companies reduce financial, operational and technology risks as they invest in a smarter grid.

How it works

The solution provides energy and utility organizations with operational and analytical capabilities to improve distribution and transmission network performance. This is accomplished by an integrated grid-management system that brings together key operational control systems for outage management, distribution management, geographic information, asset and workforce management, DER dispatch, and settlement services. Our proposition is to add value to traditional control room operations by integrating SCADA, DMS and OMS systems with the utility’s other core systems of record (asset management, GIS and customer systems) and enable optimization of operations through analytics spanning these domains.

How you benefit

Implementing this solution can help energy and utility companies:

  • Improve network operations performance
  • Reduce outages and outage response times
  • Proactively manage the presence of distributed energy resources
  • Improve asset utilization and relieve constraints
  • Maintain security and compliance
  • Meet energy conservation goals
  • Streamline regulatory compliance and reporting procedures

Success story

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Fingrid built a centralized asset management and big data analytics platform to enable predictive maintenance, save costs and boost reliability.


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