Improve asset performance, reduce downtime and improve customer satisfaction by proactively managing asset planning, implementation and maintenance throughout the entire lifecycle. Improve field workforce productivity through more efficient scheduling and dispatch of field workforce and real-time, two-way communication between the field and dispatch center.

How it works

Maximize operational performance in two key areas: your physical assets and your workforce. Using a cloud-based data management and visualization platform, you can track virtually all information about your assets in a single place. Predictive modeling and advanced analytics capabilities provide near-real-time asset status and long-term projections of maintenance requirements. Meanwhile, mobility offerings help you optimize the utilization of your workforce via more efficient scheduling and dispatch, improved real-time communication between the field and dispatch center and timely access to vital work order information. Together, these solutions help decrease operation and maintenance costs, reduce downtime and improve field workforce productivity and safety.

How you benefit

This solution enables you to:

  • Manage both IT and operational assets through a unified set of tools and a single infrastructure
  • Lower costs, improve operational efficiency and increase equipment reliability
  • Leverage mobile devices and wearables to capture data from field and present actionable analytical insights at the point of action
  • Identify asset health and early warnings through advanced and predictive analytics and optimization
  • Manage pervasive devices, RFID and IP-equipped industrial assets on a common infrastructure
  • Adopt standard and repeatable processes for lifecycle management of virtually all assets ensuring greater competitiveness and productivity improvements
  • Increase workforce productivity and safety
  • Improve customer service

Success story

Strategic asset management to improve electricity network planning and maintenance

National Grid partnered with IBM to deploy Strategic Asset Management to optimize asset performance across 350 sites using a single portal and analytics-based decision support tools.


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