Boost efficiency with sustainable outcomes

Sustainability is good for our planet and for business. Data-driven insights and outcomes help energy and utilities companies improve efficiency, safety and reliability.

Sooner or later outages will be a thing of the past

Interruptions to service, caused by weather events, equipment or system failures, cost the utility industry millions of dollars a year and negatively impact safety, customer satisfaction and return on equity. Be better prepared to anticipate and manage outages before they happen with predictive analytics.

A massive storm, a citywide blackout and one engineer’s race to restore power

Outage is a simulation developed to demonstrate the powerful capabilities available to help utility companies make faster, better decisions during an emergency response. Since its creation, the video has garnered interest across the globe.

Test your readiness

Is your organization ready to innovate and adapt? Assess your current situation and begin your journey towards increased efficiency with predictive asset management solutions.


Improve critical utility operations with industry specific solutions

The new dimension of asset management

IBM® Maximo® for Utilities offers the leading single platform enterprise asset management solution and database to keep your critical assets and resources operating at maximum efficiency across all business units.

Improve equipment operations with asset performance management

Say goodbye to downtime and get a complete view of asset health and maintenance with IBM Maximo APM for Energy & Utilities

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Field Connect

Provides technicians with tools and real-time data to improve productivity, collaboration, situational awareness and safety in the field.

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Asset Care

Uses advanced analytics to help maintenance technicians better service heavy equipment in the field.

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Asset Inspect

Arms field technicians with data and recommendations to conduct inspections and maintenance jobs safely and efficiently.

Improve vegetation management

Address the high costs and inefficiencies of vegetation management by better assessing the current state of vegetation in your service territory.

Enhance outage prediction

Be proactive and respond more efficiently by predicting incoming weather before it hits overhead electrical infrastructure in your utility service territory.

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IBM Maximo® MRO Inventory Optimization

Optimize maintenance, repair, operations and customer service while significantly cutting costs and reducing unplanned asset downtime.

Who we work with

National Grid has been working with IBM on a more intelligent approach to Strategic Asset Management.

Fingrid is using IBM Internet of Things solutions to create a smarter grid for Finland.

NB Power is using IBM AI-powered solutions to better predict and prevent outages before they happen.

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