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Global energy demand is set to grow by 30 percent by 2040 according to the International Energy Agency.


A recent survey shows that 84 percent of people encounter significant problems if power outages last longer than one day.


To boost asset efficiency and reduce costs 25 percent of utilities will integrate asset management investments with sensor data and cognitive capabilities by 2020.

Imagine your future without outages

Interruptions to service, whether caused by weather events, equipment or systems failure, cost the utilities industry millions of dollars a year and negatively impact safety, customer satisfaction and return on equity.
Now you can predict and manage outages before they even happen!

If you're ready to save money, improve your service and delight your customers, you are ready for a predictive maintenance solution.

The new dimension of asset management for utilities

The world's leading enterprise asset management solution keeps your most critical assets and resources operating at maximum efficiency.

IBM® Maximo® for Utilities offers a complete solution for work and asset management across business units, including gas and electrical transmission, distribution, power generation, water- and wastewater treatment, all in a single platform and database.

Unlock the value hidden within your data

Realize greater operational efficiency, improved safety, increased asset productivity and reliability with IoT, cognitive and predictive analytics.

IBM Watson IoT for Energy and Utilities enables you to quickly connect devices and gather intelligence from IoT data.

IDC has named IBM a leader in the MarketScape 2017 as a result of the performance of its IoT platform, which it’s being used by thousands of clients from all industries across six continents.

Transform and improve work with mobile technologies

Most of an utility’s assets and workforce are distributed across vast territories. Mobile technology combined with analytics can help you rapidly accelerate business development and achieve operational efficiency.

IBM MobileFirst for iOS solutions for utilities provide field crews with access to the information they need, in the palm of their hand, increasing productivity and safety.


IBM MobileFirst for iOS Field Connect

provides technicians with tools and real-time data to improve productivity, collaboration, situational awareness and safety in the field.

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Asset Care

uses advanced analytics to help maintenance technicians better service heavy equipment in the field.

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Asset Inspect

arms field technicians with data and recommendations to conduct inspections and maintenance jobs safely and efficiently.

Proactively respond to storms and other severe weather conditions

Storms are a major concern to the utility companies as they need to act fast to get services back up and running.

By leveraging the leading global weather forecasting platform, Outage Prediction from The Weather Company, an IBM Business, enables utility companies to control mobilization costs and increase customer satisfaction by optimizing restoration efforts and minimizing risk and damage.

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National Grid has been working with IBM on a more intelligent approach to Strategic Asset Management.

Fingrid is using IBM Internet of Things solutions to create a smarter grid for Finland

Yarra Valley Water is using Analytics to improve customer outcomes with IBM Maximo

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