Customer care is key for Utilities

80 percent

of routine customer questions can be handled by chatbots.¹

61 percent

of failed customer support calls can be solved with better access to data.²

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Empowering all call center agents

Merge human and artificial intelligence to engage customers with personalized experiences and create a seamless journey across every interaction.

Our AI-driven Energy and Utility Customer Care solutions are the tools industry leaders use to deliver exceptional customer service.

Your new assistant

Combine your customer care tactics and strategies into a single, proactive, predictive and uniquely personal experience.

Cut costs, create new revenue streams and retain your client base by empowering human agents with a full view of customer data provided by IBM Watson® – a view that only machine learning and understanding can offer.

Omni-channel experiences

Enhance your customers’ experiences through behavioral analytics.

Integrate business applications, client history, web analytics, social media data and natural language – including voice and written word – to create omni-channel experiences.

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¹ ² Digital Customer Care in the Age of AI. PDF file. 2018. Retrieved from IBM.