Utility customer engagement

Customer care is becoming a differentiator across all industries—and the energy and utilities industry is no exception. A digital-first approach, using today’s latest technologies, allows you to provide omnichannel customer touch points with AI-infused virtual assistants (chatbots) and analytics-driven processes. Offer a superior level of personalized customer service that enables your customers to communicate when, where and how they want, freeing up customer care reps to focus on higher value interactions, making for happier customers, employees and businesses.

Utility customer engagement solutions

AI driven customer care for utilities

AI-driven energy and utility customer care solutions help exceed customer expectations by delivering exceptional customer service.

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Powering the customer experience with AI

Transform the customer experience by modernizing and integrating customer information systems with intelligent workflows, machine learning, AI and automation.


The IBM Watson® Advertising flagship real-time weather targeting solution turns complex data sets into actionable, proven solutions.


Understand your ideal consumer better than before with the IBM Watson Advertising audience-derived location targeting platform.


AI is changing the game

Customer engagement innovations take shape at lightning fast speeds, increasingly with AI at the core.

Maintain, repair and restore

Use AI to take your infrastructure to the next level and create a more resilient utilities operation.

Customer experience

Read the customer journey stories that are driving digital transformation.

Discover the IBM AI-enabled utility customer engagement suite of products that can help transform your business.