Integrate intelligence into devices and connect them to everything

The electronics industry is disrupting business models by infusing intelligence into devices and connecting them to everything ─ from refrigerators, televisions and coffee machines to the equipment that manufactures electronics products.

Create innovative solutions, provide differentiated experiences and build dynamic value chains.

Cognitive Innovation

Adapt to a connected world with cognitive innovation.

Cognitive Customer Insight & Engagement

Stay competitive with cognitive customer insight and engagement.

Cognitive Operations

Discover new ways to improve efficiency with cognitive operations.

Digital Concierge powered by light and cloud is not science fiction

"It’s not about standalone offerings. It’s about personalizing the whole experience by building groundbreaking, immersive cognitive solutions."

—Don Guelich, Director of Planning, Panasonic Innovation Center North America

See the future of Industry 4.0 in a model factory

Give your factory the advantage of adapting in real time to maximize uptime and delivery quality faster. That is manufacturing to the power of IBM.


Blockchain benefits for electronics

Tame complexity with better supply chain visibility.

Industry 4 meets Watson IoT


Industry 4.0 meets Watson IoT

IBM Watson IoT is helping companies connect everything.


Preparing for planet-scale security

Learn key ways to improve security and privacy now.


Designer data

Capture insights through electronics products engineering approaches.

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