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With artificial intelligence (AI), your business can unlock potential in all types of data and create new consumer experiences, products and services, and business processes.

At CES 2018, leaders joined with over 30 industry experts to discuss topics like IBM’s approach to AI with Watson, how best to expand ecosystems with our Internet of Things (IoT) platform, and how to tap into new revenue sources and disrupt competition.

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Attendees saw demos featuring automotive and electronics industry solutions and technologies that reinvent the consumer experience. Highlight reel coming soon.

Acoustic insights solutions for field service

Blockchain for automotive and electronic parts traceability and recalls

Personalized, proactive and portable experience with Watson assistant technologies

Automotive Cognitive Configurator

image of IBM Q quantum computing overview

IBM Q quantum computing overview

Blockchain Car eWallet


Discover emerging trends and business innovations.

The Cognitive Effect on Automotive

Digital Reinvention in Electronics

Reinventing the enterprise with intelligent IoT