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Meets growing demand through dynamic capacity adjustments with an IBM Manufacturing Execution System.


Delivers global video and web conferencing with a transformed business model based on IBM Cloud™.


Transforms digital customer service with Elio, the virtual support assistant powered by Watson™.


Frees up resources for innovation with a managed SAP cloud deployment to support global operations.

Change business from the ground up

The electronics industry is infusing intelligence into products and connecting them to everything. Companies that figure out how to turn that data into actionable insights will create new business models and deliver greater value to customers.

seventy one percent

According to 71% of electronics CxOs, more emphasis is expected on customer experiences over products.*


Power a smart factory

Boost factory productivity and product quality more effectively with IoT and AI-based solutions.

Optimize your supply chain

Improve systems for greater electronics industry supply chain visibility, transparency and insights.

Transform your enterprise

New electronics industry applications and modern infrastructure help extend SAP solution capabilities.

Enhance functionality

Deploy faster by managing a wide range of requirements with compliant, traceable solutions.

IBM Technology


With IBM Cloud™ and analytics solutions, you can tap into data from connected products to understand, anticipate, and act on customer needs.

Artificial intelligence

Uncover deep connections throughout your data to innovate products and enhance operations using advanced AI.

Internet of Things

Infuse software and intelligence into devices and connect everything with IBM Watson IoT™ solutions to redefine the customer experience and create new services.


Increase transparency, speed transactions, and build trust with suppliers, partners and customers throughout your value chain with IBM Blockchain solutions.

Trends and News

Industry 4.0 means smarter manufacturing

Connected technologies, including AI, IoT and analytics, helps companies implement new efficiencies.

5G is sparking an electronics revolution

Beyond just cell phones, 5G is helping drive next-gen manufacturing and autonomous cars.

Blockchain and the electronics industry

IBV surveyed 200 electronics leaders in 16 countries, explore the key areas of benefit identified. 

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*Source: IBM Institute for Business Value, "Incumbents Strike Back." March 2018