think 2018

Rethink and reinvent education at Think 2018, March 19 - 22. Network with experts and learn insights that personalize learning, increase research capacity and optimize operations.

Close the gap between what education delivers and the skills students need

Many students finish education without the abilities that the marketplace requires. IBM Education solutions with cognitive technology help teachers and students improve outcomes from kindergarten to employment. With IBM Education solutions and services, you can personalize learning, increase research capacity, and optimize operations.

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Drive better outcomes, build research power and increase operational cost-efficiency.

Student Experience & Learning

Unlock learning potential with a 360-degree student view.

Innovation & Research

Innovate computing for deeper research capacity.

Operational Agility & Efficiency

Maximize operational effectiveness.

Coppell Independent District uses Watson to tailor learning

Learn how Coppell ISD personalizes learning experiences to each student’s interests and aptitudes.

Personalized education: From curriculum to career with cognitive systems

The education industry is challenged by digital disruption to reinvent and prove relevance. IBM research reveals how educators are achieving improved outcomes through cognitive systems.


North Carolina State University Poole College of Management

IBM Big Data helps businesses find new opportunities.


Transforming learning experiences with Watson

Discover personalized learning on a whole new level.

picture of Keller Graduate School of Management


Keller Graduate School of Management

University identifies at-risk students with IBM Analytics.


Pursuit of relevance

Explore how higher education remains viable in a dynamic world.

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