Education technology (EdTech) uses data, AI and hybrid cloud to create a cognitive campuses

Educational institutions require new strategic thinking, better data insights, personalized services and agile infrastructure. IBM Education solutions help create cognitive campuses, which help educators and students improve the learning process for better outcomes from kindergarten through higher education. Implementing the newest educational technologies helps support customized learning styles, increase research capacity and optimize operations for better cost effectiveness.

Education technologies such as speech-to-text options, artificial intelligence (AI), hybrid cloud computing, data management and augmented reality enhance learning environments by unlocking learning potential and resulting in improved outcomes and better student engagement.


Operational agility and efficiency

Maximize operational effectiveness by leaning on cloud, EdTech tools and flexible infrastructure.

Innovation and research

Innovate computing for deeper research capacity and innovative services using education technology. 

Student experience and learning

Optimize learning potential by aggregating existing instructional technology and e-learning tools for better student insights.

Education technology case studies

University of the Arts London (UAL)

Pivots to a digital transformation with Red Hat® OpenShift® to ensure the students’ multimedia show goes on.

Wichita State University (WSU)

Modernizes its infrastructure to process over 63 million records daily to identify at-risk students who need early intervention to complete their degree programs. 

Mohawk College

Addresses cybersecurity threats with IBM Security™ solutions to help better detect, manage and recover from cyberattacks.

Education technology solutions

Data and AI in education

New technologies for education systems use data and AI to discover learning gaps so teachers can customize lesson plans to improve student engagement.

Cloud platform for education

Hybrid cloud enables education programs and educational organizations to build and manage across any cloud with a common platform uniting disparate data for an enterprise, flexible and holistic view.

IBM Garage for public sector

IBM Garage™ for education helps you accelerate your institution's success by harnessing the latest in AI, hybrid cloud, talent and accelerators from all parts of IBM.


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