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Survive and thrive in an ever-changing climate. Explore IBM solutions for all-sized consumer products companies to help engage consumers, optimize processes and refine operations.

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Supply Chain

Differentiate the consumer experience using hyperlocal insights, demand forecasting and transparency across processes.

IBM Metro Pulse

See how to harness weather, social media and event insights with your enterprise data to unlock hyperlocal growth opportunities.

Watson Supply Chain

Improve demand forecasting and order fulfillment with accurate, real-time data to revolutionize the supply chain.

IBM Blockchain

Drive visibility, trust and efficiency. Learn how this distributed ledger can help some of your biggest challenges.

Customer Experience

Engage consumers with tailored experiences across all touchpoints.

IBM iX for consumer products

Design your consumer strategy and experience for an ever-changing business landscape.

The Weather Company Retail weather data

Deliver great experiences regardless of weather. Learn how to harness weather data to enrich the consumer experience.

Watson Customer Engagement

Find out how artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way consumer products companies engage consumers.

Consumer Products Operations

Increase the efficiency of your consumer goods operations with real-time insights and IoT connectivity.

Retail Technology Support

Grow your business and reduce costs by connecting all devices, software, and networks in your store.

Internet of Things

Infuse digital into your operations and leverage real-time insights from your consumers.

The Weather Company

Forecast just how weather will affect your sales, production and more.

Allied Bakeries delivers on time every time with seamless B2B integration

Learn how IBM Supply Chain Business Network helps Allied Bakeries achieve up to 100 percent on-time EDI message delivery.

What’s next in consumer products

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Blockchain: Drive visibility, trust and efficiency

IBM shares how Blockchain technology will impact the value chain for consumer goods manufacturers and retailers.


Find your retail solution

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Leading consumer industries address food safety

IBM and partners make big steps towards increasing food safety with Blockchain.

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