This solution provides a central application for reporting all incidents spanning work, personnel, safety, health and environmental areas.

How it works

This solution supports all manner of investigations to analyze recurring incidents or defects when root-cause analysis or after-action review is required. It also provides traceability into historical incidents, defects, work orders and earlier corrective actions.

How you benefit

Using solutions that provide real-time location awareness, automated equipment monitoring and enterprise-wide incident tracking, you can:

  • Track the movement of people and equipment for improved security and faster rescue efforts
  • Detect and prevent asset failures before they result in lost production
  • Better manage risk and reporting
  • Ensure the health and safety of your workforce and the environment while creating a more efficient and compliant operating environment through a systematic approach

Success story

Yanzi and Watson IoT™ help create connected building in under 4 hours

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Leverage IBM® Maximo® technology solutions to reduce operational risk and address your health, safety, and environment challenges.

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