To be able to deliver total end-to-end solutions to clients — including management and maintenance of omnichannel digital marketing channels, website design and production, and total digital marketing process outsourcing — you first need to know their behavior.

How it works

The solution leverages analytical capabilities like IBM® Watson® and advanced research to enable transformational improvements in performance via a consumer-centric model. This ensures a full end-to-end portfolio including software, services, hosting and outsourcing.

How you benefit

Organizations can create and deliver compelling, targeted online experiences for clients and business partners with integrated content, social, mobile and analytic tools. It engages clients on their own terms, providing robust analytics, personalization, social and marketing capabilities. The solution enables companies to:

  • Understand customers as individuals using web, social and qualitative analytics
  • Create personalized experiences for individuals and communities tailored for the device and channel
  • Provide self-service capabilities with powerful social tools

Success story

Schaeffler uses digital transformation to keep the world moving

Industry 4.0 meets Watson IoT

Watson IoT™ is helping businesses connect everything, so things feel less like things and more like an essential part of everyday life.

Empowered consumer

Optimize customer service and your own financial performance.

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