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of CSCOs say lack of supply chain visibility is still their biggest challenge. You don’t have to be one of them.

Simplifying complex supply chains

The average Chemicals company collects 50x more data today than just a few years ago. Are you ready? Learn how AI and open platform ecosystems are revolutionizing data collection and analysis.

It’s digitized. It uses predictive analytics in decision making. It optimizes operations. That’s the supply chain powered by IBM.

Excerpt from Supply Chain Excellence in the Chemical Industry, 2018,

A Watson enabled supply chain

A Watson™ enabled supply chain

AI powered, transparent, predictive. Tomorrow’s supply chain, today.

Supply chain visibility made easy

See how AI-enabled solutions can help you obtain insights quickly and easily. Take the digital, guided tour.

The building blocks you need

Leverage machine learning to provide comprehensive insights and visibility — and respond quickly to problems — across your supply chain.

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