In today’s digital economy, you either disrupt or you get disrupted

To be a disruptor in the chemicals industry, organizations must act now to prepare for a very different tomorrow. Whether producing highly specialized products or distributing commodity products in bulk, chemical companies are under increasing pressure to adopt new technologies that can generate greater value. Discover how IBM solutions can help.

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Improve manufacturing efficiency and drive productivity.

Smarter Manufacturing

Gain insight into manufacturing operations and maximize performance.

Capital Projects and Engineering for Owner Operators

Connect stakeholders and lifecycle events involved in various phases.

Leverage digital ecosystem to optimize global operations.

Supply Chain Optimization

Improve supply chain visibility and performance metrics.

Enterprise & Predictive Asset Management

Manage the end-to-end life cycle of your enterprise assets on one integrated platform.

Dow Chemical Company boosts facilities management and reduces overall costs

Dow Chemical works with IBM to increase space capacity use, improve capital planning, manage real estate leases, streamline operations and reduce energy consumption in facilities throughout the enterprise.


  • 20 percent increase in facility use
  • $4 million saved per year
  • $200 million facility-related cost savings for relocation project

Accelerate your digital transformation journey

The convergence of rapid technological advancement and economic change is creating challenges and opportunities for the chemicals industry.


Advent of cognitive and IoT in process manufacturing

The Internet of Things (IoT) has helped process manufacturing become more efficient, and new cognitive technology has the capacity to transform the value of data.


Blockchain: Transforming supply chains in chemicals and petroleum

Blockchain enables immutable, transparent and auditable business transactions among participants and suppliers, distributors and partners.


Turning data into chemicals and petroleum insights

Building information modeling is the foundation for digitizing the built environment. We surveyed 300 C&P executives worldwide to see what the most financially successful organizations are doing differently with cognitive capabilities.

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