Accelerate Oil and Gas Transformation
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IBM Watson for Natural Resources Innovation Program
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The Oil and Gas Industry is Experiencing Major Disruption

Advancing transformation is key to thriving in the current market economy

Monthly average: Crude Oil (WTI) US$ PBL

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*Source: Haver Analytics, RBC Economics Research

Price collapse, increased regulatory pressures and the projected low carbon economy are driving the necessity for oil and gas transformation. The IBM Watson for Natural Resources Innovation program will accelerate transformation to help breakdown operational boundaries and siloed work processes, enabling rapid scalability and maximum ROI on industry technology investments.

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Transformation Drives Operational Performance and ROI

Disrupt conventional business models and unleash opportunity with advanced technologies

Our client accelerated upstream oil and gas basin exploration, discovery and production through improved accuracy in seismic modeling capacity.

Return on investment
Reduced the time required to run seismic algorithms by 80 percent, significantly accelerating time to reach first oil.
Location: Europe


Our client reduced oil and gas drilling costs.

Well optimization

Our client improved rate and phase calculations.

Our client improved their oil and gas upstream production targets through increased equipment reliability with advanced analytics.

Return on investment
Achieved 87 percent accuracy - and 48 hour warning - before potential equipment failures.
Location: Australia

Planning and forecasting

Our client accelerated accurate forecasting.

Engineering decision-making

Our client harnessed 30 years of engineering project data.

Our client gained near real-time data insights powered by advanced analytics to make better market decisions.

Return on investment
Reduced the time required to produce accurate reports by 99 percent, increasing profitability and overall margin transparency.
Location: USA

Energy consumption optimization

Our client reduced their energy consumption.

Sustained operations

Our client increased their operational uptime.

IBM Watson for Natural Resources Innovation Program

Advance transformation at high-speed and scale

Download The IBM Watson for Natural Resources magazine to get an in-depth view of the innovation program and gain an understanding of the advisor strategy framework, timelines and expected value.

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