Be prepared on a granular level

Did you know that 77% of surveyed retailers and brands have started using predictive analytics, yet they still experience high out-of-stock or markdown rates? This statistic, among other key insights, is revealed by a new research study conducted by Forrester Consulting, sponsored by IBM, in demand forecasting and assortment planning today.

Transparency: See end to end

IBM Blockchain drives visibility, trust and efficiency. Learn how this distributed ledger could help your company address some of your biggest challenges and streamline business processes from source to consumer.

Refine real-time insights

Discover how Watson Supply Chain™ can improve demand forecasting and order fulfillment with accurate, real-time insights. Plus, read our report to explore seven key trends that are transforming the retail supply chain in previously unexpected ways.

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Find tools that fortify your supply chain against events that you can’t control. IBM solutions can streamline processes, optimize costs, increase inventory and help you forecast demand at the local level to boost order fulfillment.