Bloomberg's The Year Ahead Summit
Global industry leaders discuss economic recovery as the world emerges from the global pandemic.


Modernizing the financial enterprise

Financial institutions are one of the cornerstones of society but to keep pace with challenging and changing times, they need to modernize. Being able to keep up with, and exceed, constantly changing customer needs, shifting regulatory requirements and increasing cybersecurity risks on a reduced cost envelope requires a monumental shift. A swift business transformation built on extreme digitalization that utilizes new technologies including AI, data and the cloud are at the heart of that change.

IBM has been a trusted partner in the financial services industry for decades and with our expertise, have led some of the largest transformation projects over the years. Let us help you enhance your customer journey and build new revenue streams by taking advantage of the data you already have on an efficient, secure and agile cloud.

Banking case studies

BNP Paribas

A Global Bank Hosted in the Public Cloud - Can That be Safe? See how secure cloud computing is possible.

Royal Bank of Scotland (now NatWest Group)

MaryAnn Fleming, Head of Services at RBS shares how they made home buying easier for their customer base.

State Bank of India

The bank expands its global economic presence with an intelligent platform that puts customers first.

Banking insights

Learn how the latest technologies are transforming banking from industry experts and today’s influencer’s.

Modernize financial services

IBM’s Sarah Diamond is helping the banking industry transform their traditions.

7 Essential questions with Chris Skinner

Chris asks about the state of transformation in financial services. IBM's Likhit Wagle, GM of Global Banking Industry, provides the answers you need.

Banks’ secret to the best AI? Embracing their humanity

How "cognitive factories" help banks and insurers build AI solutions for a post-COVID-19 world.

Discover banking technologies from IBM to help modernize all aspects of financial services including online banking, mobile apps, real-time chatbots and cybersecurity. Speak with a representative.