Cross-industry platform

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of BFM revenues will derive from cross-industry platform business models, in three years’ time

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Trust & identity in multi-clouds

Malgorzata (Gosia) Steinder

IBM Fellow, Container Cloud Platform Research

AI for social good

Aleksandra (Saska) Mojsilovic

IBM Fellow, AI Science, IBM Research AI

Digital markets & asset-backed tokens

Vita Bornitkov

Distinguished Engineer, Cloud and Blockchain Platforms, IBM Research

Wendy Belluomini

Data privacy & security

Wendy Belluomini

Director of AI and Cognitive Software, IBM Research – Almaden

Insights and news

Blockchain helps simplify global trade

Unicredit’s new platform increases, trust, transparency, and reliability.

Designing for “no touch”

AI and advanced robotics help support higher-value, customer-focused interactions.

Realizing tomorrow today

66% of banking executives surveyed said traditional value chains are being replaced.

A radical shift in financial services

Creating tomorrow’s financial institution through new business models.


Quantum computing revolution

The financial industry experienced 65% more cyberattacks in 2016 over other industries.

Most people in Vietnam don’t have a bank

71% of adults don’t have a savings account. Techcombank wants to change that.

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