IBM at Sibos 2018

As the pace of change accelerates across the financial ecosystem, IBM has both the platforms and people to help you address the complexities of today’s competitive landscape. Whether payments, regulatory compliance, automation, blockchain, addressing cyber or moving to cloud, bring us your toughest challenges and let’s solve tomorrow together.

Featured sessions

The blockchain journey: Check in on distributed ledger technology in financial services.
Panelists include Saket Sinha, Global Vice President & Partner, IBM Blockchain Transformation, Financial Services

How can the long-tail of smaller organizations be protected from cyberattacks?
Panelists include Chris Hockings, CTO IBM Security, Australia and New Zealand

National Digital Currencies: Will they cash in?
Panelists include Jesse Lund, Global Vice President, IBM Blockchain & Digital Currencies

Decentralisation as a new form of Trust
Panelists include Charity Wayua, IBM Research Scientist

The Possible Applications of Quantum Computing
Speaker: Anna Phan, IBM Research Scientist

The Interconnectedness of everything and Advanced AI
Panelists include Heike Riel, IBM Research Scientist

Shaping the Future of Cybersecurity and Privacy
Panelists include Maria Dubovitskaya, IBM Research

Thought starters

Westpac changes engines in flight in the IBM cloud
Westpac delivers efficiency gains through increased automation.

Written by: Piet Bil

Read the details on how IBM Cloud helps Westpac stay current

Using big data for banking regulatory requirements
Big data technology helps scale up the computational power of risk management.

Written by: Neil Dodgson and Luis Matias

Learn how to analyze risk on complex data in a shorter timeframe

A defining moment of exponential impact
Banks are using AI and cloud to pull ahead of competitors.

Written by: Heather Clifton

Read why three large banks chose IBM Cloud for trust and security

AI expands into RegTech
How financial institutions can better link the external regulatory environment to their needs.

Written by: Alistair Rennie

Read about bold new approaches to managing risk

Three success factors in security operations
Build trust and deliver security and privacy—without getting in the way of customer experience.

Written by: Paul Schultz

Learn how automation reduces costs and friction

Stable coins: Enabling payments on blockchain 
Stable coins, a new kind of digital currency, are gaining in popularity.

Written by: Jesse Lund

Learn how stable coins differ from regular cryptocurrency

Solution areas

Payments and Transaction Services

Modernize payment operations and retain critical legacy systems with a converged, real-time payments engine. Counter fraud with capabilities driven by machine learning.


Harness Watson AI capabilities and Promontory regulatory expertise to transform your risk and compliance management.


Establish trust and improve transparency while streamlining online transaction processes.