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IBM again a leader in Integrated Risk Management. See why.

A RegTech revolution is happening

What is RegTech?

RegTech, or Regulatory Technology, is the application of new technologies to help banks and other financial institutions meet regulatory monitoring, reporting, compliance and risk management challenges. RegTech helps firms effectively manage regulatory compliance and cut compliance-related costs.

Why IBM RegTech

In today’s complex regulatory environment, banks and other financial institutions must deliver greater transparency to enhance and preserve client and stakeholder trust. ­­­­

IBM RegTech is a comprehensive solution portfolio that leverages deep expertise in risk and compliance with advanced AI and analytics technology. These solutions are transforming how firms manage their risk and compliance function by enabling more informed decisions – from  regulatory change management to specific compliance processes, such as anti-money laundering, know your customer, conduct surveillance and stress testing.

Through the application of these new technologies, firms will be able to more efficiently and effectively:

  • Understand applicability of rapidly changing regulations to ensure appropriate controls are in place
  • Calculate financial risk to a new level of granularity to optimize your use of capital
  • Understand relationships and behaviors to identify financial crimes and conduct risk

Learn more about RegTech in the cognitive era in this POV (PDF, 161 KB)

Transform risk and compliance with Watson and Promontory

Banks and other financial institutions are reeling under the pressure of an increasingly complex and costly regulatory environment. IBM Watson Financial Services deploys the unique combination of technology and domain knowledge to help firms manage new and changing regulations.

Enter RegTech and cognitive compliance

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a game changer for RegTech and the financial services industry.

Much like how AI systems help oncologists determine the best cancer treatments, financial institutions can now be armed to make more informed decisions to manage risk and compliance processes and obligations.

Leverage the AI capabilities of Watson and the unparalleled domain expertise of Promontory to:

  • Better meet customer needs
  • Achieve greater operational efficiency
  • Gain a dynamic understanding and proactive view of obligations
  • Enable greater safety and security of your financial institution

RegTech solutions are founded on trust and the power of IBM and Promontory

“We see that the combination of IBM and Promontory is unique and creates a powerhouse RegTech capability for our financial services industry clients.”

- Bridget Van Kralingen, SVP, Industry Platforms and Watson Financial Services, IBM

RegTech solutions

Combat financial crime and fraud with advanced analytics

The costs of managing financial crime programs, including AML compliance, fraud prevention and employee conduct surveillance operations are rising. IBM helps banks reduce cost and investigation time by applying advanced analytics, Natural Language Processing (NLP) Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to improve analyst insight and alerts resolution. Our comprehensive solutions create a holistic view of risks to:

  • Reduce false positive alerts by enriching transaction monitoring alerts with insights obtained through a layered analytical approach refined constantly by machine learning
  • Identify sophisticated internal and external suspicious activities using advanced customer screening and behavioral monitoring across channels and in real-time
  • Introduce efficiencies by automating and standardizing manual processes and time-consuming data collection

Explore solutions

IBM Financial Crimes Due Diligence with Watson

Improve KYC operations using cognitive accelerators to shorten enhanced due diligence processes and identify hidden relationships

IBM Financial Crimes Alerts Insight with Watson

Create a sustainable anti-money laundering (AML) program, using regulatory expertise along with layered analytical techniques to distinguish false positives from credible risks

IBM Safer Payments

Prevent fraud faster across any channel using real-time detection and prevention capabilities to improve transaction integrity within electronic payments

IBM Surveillance Insight for Financial Services

Proactively detect, profile and prioritize risky and non-compliant behavior across trade, voice and electronic communication channels using integrated analytics and AI.

IBM Financial Crimes Geographic Risk Insight

Efficiently assess international anti-money laundering and combat financing of terrorism and proliferation (AML/CFT) risks in specific areas across the globe.

IBM Security Trusteer Fraud Protection Suite

Identify customers and protect against malicious users, via cloud-based intelligence, backed by AI and patented machine learning, while delivering a frictionless customer experience.


Case Study: Borgun

European payments provider achieves international growth by better managing increasing regulatory requirements and fraud risks.

Confront financial crimes and compliance challenges head-on with IBM

Detect financial crimes, improve compliance and streamline processes. Stay focused on growth with solutions which combine powerful IBM technology with deep expertise from Promontory Financial Group, an IBM company.

How the most effective financial institutions outthink the bad guys

Examine best practices for fighting fraud and find ways to effectively counter the threat through practical transformation plans supported with emerging big data and analytics technologies.

Power financial risk management with insight

Apply data modeling, predictive analytics, decision support tools, and comprehensive reporting to better monitor, measure, and manage your market and credit risk exposure across multiple silos.

  • Measure and manage the market and credit risks of your financial institution across all asset classes, product types and industry sectors.

  • Simplify and streamline the entire risk data process using structured and unstructured data.

  • Take a predictive approach to risk modeling in a safe and controlled environment. Quantify, model, integrate, test and evaluate scenarios at an aggregated level of data.

  • Integrate risk and finance process for business modeling, planning and alignment between strategy and execution.

  • Leverage IBM integrated solutions needed for Basel FRTB – addressing a profound change in how banks measure market risk within the trading book.

  • Understand and exploit your enterprise’s risk profile to maximize revenue and profit.


Algo Workspace Analyzer

Accelerate implementation and guide risk planning with a rapidly deployed risk aggregation and reporting solution with interactive analysis.

IBM Algo Credit Manager

Make risk-informed decisions for end-to-end credit risk management and stronger client relationships.

IBM Algorithmics Integrated Market and Credit Risk

Increase trading activity returns with an enterprise solution for financial risk management.

lBM Algo ALM & Liquidity Risk on Big Data

Drive more sophisticated analyses with a robust risk system designed with business-driven interfaces built on high-performance analytical engines.

IBM Risk Service on Cloud

Cut costs and challenges of in-house deployment with a web-based portfolio construction, risk management and reporting service.

Redefining GRC with Watson

Today’s ever-increasing flood of regulatory changes and risk challenges demands the right solution to cut clutter and deliver the information that actually affects your business. IBM GRC offers the market’s only AI-driven GRC portfolio —featuring IBM OpenPages with Watson and IBM Watson Regulatory Compliance — to help you better manage and succeed in a rapidly-evolving risk and regulatory environment.

Enhance stakeholder trust and deliver user value to in day-to-day business with:

  • Comprehensive, end-to-end GRC portfolio.

  • Industry-leading cloud, data and cognitive AI technologies.

  • Integrated risk platform, scalability and powerful REST API.


IBM OpenPages with Watson

Improve decisions and accelerate time to value with fully integrated GRC solutions.

IBM Watson Regulatory Compliance

Manage regulatory change and streamline compliance with the power of cognitive computing.


Proactively manage operational and enterprise risk with our comprehensive up-to-date risk event database.


Customer Story

HypoVereinsbank is working with IBM to streamline processes and increase productivity, enabling them to assess and report on risks and controls more accurately, identify areas for improvement, and achieve time savings through automation.

The future of compliance

With regulations increasing and fines for non-compliance in the billions, see how AI is transforming compliance for banks and financial institutions.

Empower your risk management strategy

Take a deeper dive into how IBM Watson Financial Services can help understand and manage risk better.

Transform your GRC through AI, user design and advanced analytics

See how OpenPages 8 with Watson is redefining risk and compliance and delivering business value.

Innovating in the Open

The latest release of IBM OpenPages with Watson v8 is helping business users to author risk and compliance specific workflows in minutes.

Written by: David Marmer

IBM’s OpenPages 8 with Watson empowers business users

 Learn the reasons behind the strong adoption of OpenPages 8 with Watson by professionals at firms such as HSBC.

Written by: Alistair Rennie

Your power to detect and prevent cyberattacks

Go from monitoring and detecting security risks and threats to understanding and enabling predictive and adaptive capabilities and defenses.

  • Proactively identify operational and security threats, reduce costs, and re-focus resources.

  • Manage internal and external risks to IT systems, including the ownership, operation, involvement, and influence of IT within an enterprise.

  • Improve service delivery to clients, business performance, and resiliency while meeting business objectives and regulatory requirements.



IBM Security

Outthink security threats with intelligence, integration, and expertise.

IBM Watson for Cyber Security

Evolve your defenses with security that understands, reasons and learns.

Resiliency Services

Maintain continuous business operations and improve overall resiliency to meet the needs of the always-on.

IBM Trusteer Fraud Protection Suite

Detect, enforce, investigate and remediate fraud quickly and efficiently.


Case study: Cargills Bank Ltd.

Sri Lanka bank deploys cognitive security technology to proactively augment security capabilities and better safeguard customers.

Winning the face-off against fraud: How the most effective financial institutions are outthinking th

Examine best practices for fighting fraud and learn how to transform your operation to do so.

ING Direct Australia turns to IBM to engage younger online and mobile banking consumers

ING attracts new customers by managing their daily expenses and helping plan their financial future while on the go.

Think 2019

Think 2019 held an impressive line-up of activities for financial leaders focused on leading their organizations into the future.

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