Enhance risk and controls management, lower costs and improve processes

HypoVereinsbank is working with IBM to streamline processes and increase productivity, enabling them to assess and report on risks and controls more accurately, identify areas for improvement, and achieve time savings through automation.


Boost efficiency by automating risk and control self-assessment processes.


Improve productivity with up to a 33% reduction in personnel requirements, thanks to a better use of existing resources.


New insights into risks and controls helps to identify gaps and resolve glitches quickly.

Next generation governance, risk, and compliance (GRC)

In today’s global marketplace, business leaders must not only face competitive challenges, but increasing regulation and sustained volatility. Organizations also need to maintain profitability and growth in a world defined by rapidly-evolving disruptive technologies.


IBM Watson Regulatory Compliance is an innovative approach to managing regulatory compliance - using IBM OpenPages GRC Platform and leveraging IBM Watson for delivering cognitive regulatory compliance. This Watson solution has been “trained” by regulatory compliance experts from Promontory Financial Group to offer insights based on a comprehensive library of regulations.

How it works

Watson Regulatory Compliance delivers a single source for regulatory content coupled with a comprehensive control framework that allows users to highlight obligations pertinent to their organization. It enables users to map each obligation to company controls. Understanding how regulation impacts your organization is no longer a fragmented exercise with multiple spreadsheets, databases and documents. Instead, regulatory compliance is a streamlined and efficient process, driven by a consistent methodology and embedded in your GRC framework.

The benefits

By implementing an end-to-end cognitive regulatory compliance framework, you can:

  • Gain visibility, control and decision support.
  • Reduce fines, penalties and reputation risk from non-compliance.
  • Maintain compliance across multiple regulations and your enterprise.
  • Improve operational efficiency.
  • Reduce the cost of compliance.

Promontory Financial Group, an IBM company

Promontory offers deep regulatory compliance advisory services based on expertise from regulatory bodies and leading financial services institutions worldwide.

Transforming regulatory compliance with the help of IBM Watson

Cognitive computing can help banks streamline operations and reduce regulatory compliance cost.

Empowering your risk management strategy

Take a deeper dive into how IBM Watson Financial Services can help understand and manage risk better.

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