Fight financial crimes

The cost of combating financial crime and fraud is rising. Too many false positives and slow manual research and investigation processes increase the risk of non-compliance. Now more than ever, with billion-dollar violation fines seen, financial organizations need better insights, speed and expertise to fight financial crimes and manage their compliance requirements.

IBM financial crimes solutions brings the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to existing processes to better combat financial crimes. Organizations can quickly identify and act on threats with advanced analytics across multiple data sources.

Reduce costs and compliance risks

Reduce costs and compliance risks by making your systems and analysts more effective using AI and advanced IBM technologies. Our comprehensive financial crimes and fraud solutions create a holistic view of risks to:

  • Minimize overall workloads with greater standardization, consistency and efficiency

  • Prevent sophisticated internal and external fraudulent activities using advanced customer screening and real-time monitoring across channels

  • Improve transaction integrity and ensure client trust by managing threats more effectively

Explore solutions

IBM Financial Crimes Alerts Insight with Watson

Expand your visibility into financial crimes and build an accurate, sustainable anti-money laundering (AML) program.

IBM Financial Crimes Due Diligence with Watson

Improve the client lifecycle experience with streamlined and accurate due diligence processes enhanced by the AI capabilities of Watson.

IBM Surveillance Insight for Financial Services

Proactively detect, profile and prioritize risky and non-compliant behavior using integrated analytics and AI.

IBM Safer Payments

Use rapid fraud prevention capabilities to help improve transaction integrity within all-cashless payment channels.

IBM Financial Crimes Geographic Risk Insight

Evaluate the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing in specific areas across the globe to help guard against financial crimes.

IBM Security Trusteer Fraud Protection Suite

Detect, enforce, investigate and remediate fraud fast and efficiently.


Confront financial crimes and compliance challenges head-on with IBM

Detect financial crimes, improve compliance and streamline processes. Stay focused on growth with solutions which combine powerful IBM technology with deep expertise from Promontory Financial Group, an IBM company.

How the most effective financial institutions outthink the bad guys

Examine best practices for fighting fraud and find ways to effectively counter the threat through practical transformation plans supported with emerging big data and analytics technologies.

Transform financial crimes operations through outsourcing and more

Identify key challenges and operating levers for addressing financial crimes. Design processes for compliance and control to strengthen governance and control for global financial crime activities, with dramatic improvements in operational efficiency.

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