Case Study: ABANCA

ABANCA uses IBM technologies to detect online fraud incidents before they occur

ABANCA Corporación Bancaria, S.A., a retail bank in Spain, uses IBM Security solutions to prevent online banking fraud, comply with new European banking regulations, and streamline risk and compliance processes.


Detect suspicious behavior and identify threats by expanding your observation space across a wide variety of data from multiple sources and leveraging different types of analytics. By staying ahead of suspicious behavior you can control outcomes and reduce exposure with the optimal response, and maximize the impact when taking action.

How it works

Using advanced customer screening, monitoring across channels in real-time for unusual behavior, and centralized case management for effective handling of detected events, you can:

  • Improve transaction integrity.
  • Prevent sophisticated internal and external fraudulent activities.
  • Manage detected events more effectively.
  • Ensure client trust.

The benefits

Our comprehensive solution uses a variety of tools and metrics to help you stay proactive when it comes to financial crimes to combat the mounting fraud losses affecting the industry.

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