IBM announces acquisition of Armanta.

What is RegTech?

RegTech, or Regulatory Technology, is the application of new technologies to help financial institutions meet the challenges of regulatory monitoring, reporting, compliance and risk management while driving down compliance-related costs.

Why IBM RegTech

Watson Financial Services deploys the unique combination of technology and domain knowledge to help firms manage new and changing regulations. It merges the AI capabilities of Watson and the regulatory expertise of Promontory Financial Group. This combination enables you to make better informed decisions across end-to-end risk and compliance, from regulatory change management to specific compliance processes, such as anti-money laundering, know your customer, conduct surveillance and stress testing.

Transform risk and compliance with Watson and Promontory

Financial institutions are reeling under the pressure of an increasingly complex and costly regulatory environment. The amount of regulations and pace of change is overwhelming. Currently, the only way for an organization to reduce risk and improve compliance is to spend more.

Enter RegTech and cognitive compliance

Deploying the right combination of expertise and technology will help firms manage new and changing regulations. Cognitive is a game changer for RegTech and the financial services industry. Much like how cognitive systems are helping oncologists determine the best cancer treatments, financial institutions will now be armed to make better decisions to manage risk and compliance processes and obligations, including regulatory change management, anti-money laundering, know your customer, conduct surveillance and stress testing.

Leverage the cognitive capabilities of Watson and the unparalleled domain expertise of Promontory to:

  • Better meet customer needs.
  • Achieve greater operational efficiency.
  • Gain a dynamic understanding and proactive view of obligations.
  • Enable greater safety and security of your financial institution.

RegTech solutions founded on trust and the power of IBM and Promontory

“We see that the combination of IBM and Promontory is unique and creates a powerhouse RegTech capability for our financial services industry clients.”

- Bridget Van Kralingen, SVP, Industry Platforms and Watson Financial Services, IBM

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