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10 Hard realities – and opportunities – in payments modernization

Reinvent for new value

Customer behaviors are changing at a pace not seen before. Like many other industries, banks face competition from nimbler and more client-centric entrants. To stay ahead, executives know they need digital transformation. But change isn’t easy. Companies that fail to adapt can quickly be left behind.

IBM Digital Reinvention® helps your business to exceed customer expectations, drive new revenue opportunities and adopt fearless experimentation.

Reinvent for new value

Banks need to remain digital leaders. Technology underpins the creation of the reinvented customer experiences. That’s where Digital Reinvention comes in: It is a comprehensive service with the tools you need for successful transformation.

Embracing Digital Reinvention provides a pathway for the most visionary banks to employ the strengths of ecosystem partners.

Reinvent for new value

Apply IBM Digital Reinvention to traditional banking value chains to yield dramatically expanded benefits beyond process reengineering and organizational redesign. Such traditional approaches are internal-looking and not designed for customer expansion and revenue growth. By contrast, Digital Reinvention employs multiple digital technologies to please customers and build loyalty.

IBM helps financial organizations determine if their strategy is ambitious and fast enough. Empower your employees and culture to challenge, reinvent and innovate at all levels. Inspire productive change for improved ways of working, servicing and delivering for customers.

Customer stories

YES BANK builds an API ecosystem to enhance service and expand market reach

YES BANK builds an API ecosystem to enhance service and expand market reach

Digital banking requires applying new technologies to reach new customers. The YES BANK approach of using APIs in mobile banking is helping them reach new customers and open new markets and participating in the API economy.

Seven leading European banks

Seven leading European banks use blockchain to increase visibility and trust while reducing delays, costs and manual effort

APIs and cloud are empowering new innovative business models in the banking industry. Learn how multiple banks joined together in a consortium to provide efficiency, transparency and security.


Chapter 1: Pace of change in financial services
Chapter 2: The evolving financial ecosystem
Chapter 3: Technology transformation
Chapter 4: Cultural adjustment
Chapter 5: Banking on the future

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