Branch transformation

Branches are part of the banking landscape, however, the definition of what a branch is, its purpose and how this purpose is delivered is evolving. Branches and the way they work in a digital-friendly strategy can lead to higher quality banking interactions.

Chatbot technology

Successful banks and other financial firms are adopting advanced chatbot technology in their contact centers. This technology provides customers personalized and specific answers delivered in "human-like" conversations 24 hours a day.

 Virtual agents in banking

Millions of chatbots are at work today helping companies improve first contact resolution as well as deflect customer interactions from higher cost channels.

Conversational AI for the Enterprise

Intelligent chatbots harness the power of human conversation to enhance the expertise and impact of your organization on the world. Learn how to design chatbots for your business.

Digital reinvention

Digital technologies have altered how people and businesses interact. To succeed in this disruptive environment, you need to offer simpler, more engaging experiences for your customers.

Realizing tomorrow today

Leading banks and wealth managers are using sophisticated digital technologies to create secure platforms and ecosystems to find new ways to grow.

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Belonging is not only a universal human need – it is a largely untapped business opportunity. Successful brands build a sense of belonging and are rewarded with stronger business growth.

Customer insights and personalization

Organizations are often blind to the insights in their data due to the sheer size and amount of unstructured data. 

Watson Marketing Delivers a Competitive Edge that Financial Institutions can Bank On

Watson Marketing can help reveal insights from data sources such as images, videos and social media, giving financial institutions a competitive edge they can can count on.

The problem isn't customer data. It's making sense of it.

No human could possibly make sense of the over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every day. By understanding customer data such as purchases, web visits, social media posts and call center chats, you can create better customer experiences.

The Science of Customer Insight - eBook

Leverage internal and external customer data to understand what matters most to your customers. Use AI to analyze customer behaviors and spending patterns to predict life events and deliver personalized service to boost customer loyalty.

Customer stories

See how the cognitive bank is helping IBM clients and their customers today.

Bank of Montreal embraces mobile banking

Bank of Montreal embraces mobile banking
BoM becomes the first Canadian bank to enable customers to open a bank account on their mobile device.

Royal Bank of Canada launches RBC Embark

Royal Bank of Canada launches RBC Embark
RBC created the web app RBC Embark for new employees to become digitally engaged even before their first day.

Bank of China creates smarter solutions for their customers

Bank of China creates smarter solutions for their customers
BoC uses big data and analytics to create personalized customer experiences to stand out from the competition.

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