Case study: Grupo Financiero Banorte, S.A.B. de C.V.

Building a customer-centric business model

When banks grow fast, it’s easy to lose personal connections. Banorte has implemented new solutions to deliver precise and personalized customer interaction, all at scale. These omnichannel solutions resulted in an estimated bottom-line benefit of $200 million (USD) in just 24 months.

Case study: Rabobank

Rabobank leverages IBM technology to offer customers personalized services

Rabobank deepens their understanding of individual customer needs by implementing a single, 360-degree view of the customer, allowing them to offer personalized services on every channel. As a result, customer onboarding was cut from 1.5 days to just 10 minutes.

Case study: ABN AMRO

ABN AMRO partners with IBM to address increased demand

ABN AMRO invests in cloud technology, analytics, cognitive computing, and mobile technologies, and infuses more flexibility, agility, and speed into the organization to stand against the constant influx of industry newcomers.

We’re using deeper, more personalized insights into our customers’ needs to shape every aspect of how we interact with them.

—Alejandro Valenzuela del Rio, Chief Executive Officer, Banorte


Fueled by increasing data types and sources, analytics-based insights are redefining what's possible for the banking industry. Customer analytics provide banks the means to intelligently manage previously unmanageable volumes of data—creating strategic and competitive differentiation in how you service your customers, manage risk, and improve operational effectiveness.

How it works

By turning data into deeper insights, you can make more confident decisions and take action faster. Use extensive analytics capabilities, so you can:

  • Leverage information, people, perspectives, and decisions at the point of impact to drive better outcomes.
  • Find deeper insights and drive real-time actions.
  • Uncover opportunities in all types of data, from a variety of sources within and beyond your organization.
  • Understand what happened, what will happen, and what should happen.
  • Engage both business and technical users to uncover opportunities and address big issues.
  • Operationalize analytics into business processes.

The benefits

Comprehensive IBM solutions help you reveal hidden patterns and relationships, and understand your data through powerful automated visualization.

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