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IBM is a Leader in the Forrester New Wave™

Conversational Computing Platforms, Q2 2018

“IBM’s offering is comprehensive and developer friendly. IBM Watson Assistant (formerly Watson Conversation) marries a technically robust conversational platform with developer-friendly tools and the breadth of the broader Watson portfolio. Coupled with strong developer tools, it enables creation of a wide range of solutions.”

Source: Forrester Research Inc. The Forrester New Wave™: Conversational Computing Platforms, Q2 2018, by Rob Koplowitz and Michael Facemire with Christopher Mines, Sara Sjoblom, Diane Lynch, and Peter Harrison, April 12, 2018.

Business challenge

There is a new generation of competitors in the financial services industry that are threatening the traditional banking model. Cognitive-driven decisions, mobile banking and personalized customer service are now the standard that is vital for competitive differentiation.

Customer stories

Royal Bank of Scotland created a virtual agent that can handle over 1,000 questions a day.

Cora transforms the service we give to our customers. It makes it effortless.

—Jane Howard, Managing Director, Branch and Private Banking, Royal Bank of Scotland


IBM banking solutions for the front office give you the tools and the toolbox to achieve digital transformation

Customer service transformation

Customer service transformation
Customer service solutions that are augmented with intelligence and machine learning result in user interfaces that deliver consistent quality services.
Revolutionize your customer’s experience with AI technology

AI is redefining customer service. Does your call center stack up?
Intelligent chatbots harness the power of human conversation to enhance the expertise and impact of your bank.
Learn how to design chatbots for your call center

Put a virtual agent to work in your bank’s call center
Millions of chatbots are at work today helping companies improve first contact resolution as well as deflect customer interactions from higher cost channels.
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Meet Cora, a chatbot raised by humans
Royal Bank of Scotland created Cora to give their customers a choice of how, when and where to conduct their banking. Learn how Cora improves customer experience while allowing agents to focus on higher value tasks.
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Digital reinvention

Digital reinvention
Digitally reinvent your business to exceed customer expectations, drive new revenue opportunities and adopt fearless experimentation in your corporate culture.
Delight your customers for greater success

Not your grandmother's bank
Leading banks and wealth managers are using sophisticated digital technologies to create secure platforms and ecosystems that enable new opportunities for growth.
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Six Degrees of Automation
Intelligent automation is transforming the banking industry. See how one small decision made in an empty parking lot sparks a ripple effect across a customer’s journey.
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Build your brand
Belonging is not only a universal human need – it is a largely untapped business opportunity. Successful brands build a sense of belonging and are rewarded with stronger business growth.
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Customer insight

Customer insight
Using new types and sources of data is the new normal. Turning data into deeper insights lets you make more confident decisions, faster, for your financial services customers.
Drive real-time actions with customer data and analytics

Find your competitive edge
Watson Marketing can help reveal insights from data sources such as images, videos and social media, giving financial institutions a competitive edge they can count on.
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Learn how to find diamonds in your data
No human could possibly make sense of the over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every day. By understanding customer data such as purchases, web visits, social media posts and call center chats, you can create better customer experiences.
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Data will help you learn what really matters to your customers
Leverage internal and external customer data to understand what matters most to your customers. Use AI to analyze customer behaviors and spending patterns to predict life events and deliver personalized service to boost customer loyalty.
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Channel transformation

Channel transformation
Digital technologies are changing how banking is done. Banks must transform banking channels and how they interact with customers, or risk being left behind.
Change the way banking is done

Branch transformation
Branches are part of the banking landscape, however, the definition of what a branch is, its purpose and how this purpose is delivered is evolving. Branches and the way they work in a digital-friendly strategy can lead to higher quality banking interactions.
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Transform customer engagement
Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way marketers, commerce and supply chain professionals engage customers. Watson AI is leading the way.
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Reinvent and outperform
In 100 days, you can reinvent your business. Based on the C-suite Study, we’ve identified 100 critical opportunities that you can apply to your own business strategy, to truly reinvent and outperform.
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Front Office Blogs

Insights from experts

 How to Create a Flexible Foundation: Banking in the Cognitive Era

Moving towards an agile and mobile future, built on the cloud

Dutch bank ABN AMRO Bank N.V. sees a seismic digital shift in the banking industry and is making investments to keep ahead. That future centers around analytics, cognitive computing and mobile technology.

Building a customer-centric business model

With online and mobile banking surging in popularity in Brazil, Banco Bradesco modernized their core systems to support growth in online and mobile transactions, while preserving exceptional reliability.

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From blockchain and banking to quantum computing, THINK 2018 featured industry leaders sharing strategies and smart talk on the key challenges facing business today. Check out their insights, for your competitive advantage.

Branch transformation

Branch transformation is one of the most challenging projects for a bank, involving premises, processes, people and technologies.

Make banking personal again

Create meaningful messages for customers about products that will help them in their unique life situation.

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