Business challenge

There is a new generation of competitors in the financial services industry that are threatening the traditional banking model. Cognitive-driven decisions, mobile banking and personalized customer service are now the standard that is vital for competitive differentiation.

Customer stories

Royal Bank of Scotland created a virtual agent that can handle over 1,000 questions a day.

Cora transforms the service we give to our customers. It makes it effortless.

—Jane Howard, Managing Director, Branch and Private Banking, Royal Bank of Scotland

Solution approach

IBM Front Office solutions give you the tools and the toolbox to achieve digital transformation

Customer insight
Using new types and sources of data is the new normal. Turning data into deeper insights lets you make more confident decisions, faster, for your financial services customers.

Channel transformation
Deliver timely solutions that enhance customer loyalty and speed innovation by building an infrastructure focused on customer expectations.

Digital reinvention
Digitally reinvent your business to exceed customer expectations, drive new revenue opportunities and adopt fearless experimentation in your corporate culture.

Customer service transformation
Customer service systems that are augmented with intelligence and machine learning result in user interfaces that deliver consistent quality services.

Insights from experts

 How to Create a Flexible Foundation: Banking in the Cognitive Era

Moving towards an agile and mobile future, built on the cloud

Dutch bank ABN AMRO Bank N.V. sees a seismic digital shift in the banking industry and is making investments to keep ahead. That future centers around analytics, cognitive computing and mobile technology.

Building a customer-centric business model

With online and mobile banking surging in popularity in Brazil, Banco Bradesco modernized their core systems to support growth in online and mobile transactions, while preserving exceptional reliability.

News and events

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From blockchain and banking to quantum computing, THINK 2018 featured industry leaders sharing strategies and smart talk on the key challenges facing business today. Check out their insights, for your competitive advantage.

Branch transformation

Branch transformation is one of the most challenging projects for a bank, involving premises, processes, people and technologies.

Make banking personal again

Create meaningful messages for customers about products that will help them in their unique life situation.

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