The Reinventing Financial Services vision

Reinventing Financial Services is dedicated to connecting industry leaders through intimate, peer-to-peer events and digital content. We share our boldest ideas, providing tools and tactics to help solve this ever-changing industry’s biggest challenges. With leading media partners, we will co-host a series of virtual events throughout the year.

About Reinventing Financial Services

On 11 March, IBM with its hosting partners, American Banker and Digital Insurance, continue the Reinventing Financial Services experience, with a deep dive on core banking and payments.

This 90-minute virtual event will equip business, IT and strategic leaders of top banks to meet the challenges of core banking and payments modernization head-on and equip their teams and systems to thrive in this dynamic environment. We’ll look at emerging business models, challenge conventional market assumptions, and help you emerge smarter, stronger and more secure.

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Featured speakers

Take advantage of the vast industry knowledge and expertise available at the Reinventing Financial Services event. Learn more about our featured speakers.


Reinventing Financial Services: Core Banking and Payments Edition

The programming for this event will focus on the pressing need to modernize core banking and payment systems in light of new regulations, changing customer expectations, and competitive threats. We’ll look at where the industry is going, the strategies to expand revenue lines while reducing costs, and what’s needed to get there faster.

Frequently asked questions

What is reinventing financial services 2021 - virtual?

Reinventing Financial Services is series of events scheduled throughout 2021. Our first edition is 11 March, focused on core banking and payments. Look for future sessions coming later this year. As always, Reinventing Financial Services will continue to deliver a compelling mix of visionary ideas, best practices and roundtable discussions with America’s leading financial services executives.

Who will attend?

This year’s event will be attended by C-level executives including CEO, CIO, CTO, CISO and COO and their teams. Focus is on the transformation initiatives underway that will help meet current challenges head-on and equip teams to thrive in this dynamic environment.

Who are the creators of the event?

Reinventing Financial Services is brought to you by IBM, American Banker, and Digital Insurance.

When and where?

The first Reinventing Financial Services of 2021 will be held 11 March from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM ET.

Event sessions will be available on-demand after the event.

How can I register to attend?

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