Financial services + cloud native + SAP

IBM Cloud® for Financial Services delivers new cloud native capabilities and more ecosystem partners.

Enhancing customer experience in financial services

Banking customers expect exceptional, seamless omnichannel experiences and innovative products at value. To create a lasting advantage and retain trust, retail banks need to gain insight into customer’s current and future needs and how to meet them.

Implementing today’s newest technologies helps traditional banks shift to digital channels. Offering mobile banking and self-service options has become imperative during the COVID-19 pandemic. This not only helps financial institutions provide personalized new products and services, it enables them to empower employees to deliver valued advice and pro-actively identify suspicious activity. By taking advantage of IBM’s knowledge and expertise, banks can become more customer-centric through digital transformation and offer a well-rounded customer journey across multiple touchpoints.

Banking customer experience case studies


Modernizing the call center experience through omnichannel operations with IBM Watson®.

State Bank of India

State Bank of India built an intelligent platform to put customers first.

Royal Bank of Scotland

Digital transformation makes home buying easier with digital mortgage support.

Banking customer experience solutions


Be a fintech differentiator

Knowledge digitization is empowering data-driven consumers – the secret sauce that will drive the future of customer relationships in the banking industry.

Shine light on your data

Gain a competitive advantage. See how artificial intelligence technology helps boost the customer experience.

Reimagine customer experiences

IBM and Wells Fargo collaborate to accelerate innovation, using data to help shape the future of financial services.

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