Business challenge

To reduce costs and accelerate innovation, banks need to bridge on-premises infrastructure with private and public cloud. The average bank has over 500 cloud-based services and applications. Banks must figure out how to develop, test and deploy cloud services and applications in a multi- vendor, multi-cloud environment.

Solution approach

Trust is the differentiator

A single attack can cost millions, damage your reputation, and erode customer trust. Grow on the platform made for security, speed and scale — and sized to fit

Realize cost savings with flexible storage built for rapid change

Securely store your financial data in the cloud or on-premises with IBM Cloud Object Storage.

Lead the FinTech revolution

Join the digital ecosystem and lead the FinTech revolution by developing innovative, regulatory-compliant cloud apps quickly on an open and secure platform.

Establish an API ecosystem with partners to drive new services

Establish open APIs and connect to an ecosystem of partners to offer value-added digital services across multi-cloud environments.

Accelerate innovation with DevOps

Quickly build new applications and services to stay ahead of the competition. Seamlessly connect your bank’s existing apps and data to the cloud while tracking performance.

Secure your cloud with IBM Security

Improve your defenses and reduce risk with cloud security from IBM.

You can reinvent your bank to deliver client-centric innovation

Tailoring hybrid cloud for banking

Cloud is a fundamental enabler of banking innovation. Discover six attributes of hybrid cloud that can help you reduce costs, improve efficiency and drive revenue growth.

Accelerate innovation in hybrid cloud with virtualization

Migrate your banking apps to the cloud seamlessly with IBM Cloud for VMware® Solutions.

Drive banking innovation with blockchain

Blockchain saved IBM Global Financing as much as 75% in transaction disputes with its network of more than 4,000 partners and suppliers. Learn how you can drive innovation at your bank with IBM Blockchain.

Revolutionize banking operations with intelligent automation

The biggest payoff occurs at the intersection of robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI). View the HfS analyst report on intelligent automation to learn more.

News & events

Find out the latest current events in IBM Core Banking

HSBC develops a cognitive intelligence solution

HSBC and IBM co-create a cognitive intelligence solution to digitize global trade.

Lloyds Banking Group selects IBM Cloud

Lloyds signs a 10-year services agreement with IBM Cloud for dedicated and secure cloud offerings.

Choosing Middleware-as-a-Service

The Ovum Decision Matrix analysis of key vendors in this market can help you select your optimal choice.

IBM Private Cloud version 2.1

New update delivers new monitoring tools, and deeper and broader infrastructure support for the most secure and reliable private cloud.

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