Business challenge

Approximately 72% of financial services firms cite managing data growth as the top IT challenge. As the business needs ramp up, IT often runs out of VMware licenses or requires additional hardware to run the additional workloads.  Running workloads in cloud can be the answer, but banks must ensure the privacy, security and regulatory compliance for sensitive customer data while using cloud.

Solution approach

IBM Cloud for VMware helps reduce operating costs and scale infrastructure to run virtualized workloads in cloud. Maintain privacy, security and regulatory compliance required for banks. Supports EU General Data Protection Regulation with geo-fencing of sensitive customer data. Realize up to 30% cost savings for running VMware loads.

  • Provision greater capacity in hours vs. months. Run VMware workloads on cloud on dedicated servers in a fully automated software defined data center environment
  • Use proven process and tools to port existing VMware workloads to cloud with full encryption for at-rest and in transit data

Get started

IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization combines capabilities from Intel, HyTrust and VMware with IBM Cloud infrastructure to deliver cost savings, flexibility, security and regulatory compliance for banking workloads.