Think 2019

Think 2019 held an impressive line-up of activities for financial leaders focused on leading their organizations into the future.

Business challenge: Payment processing

Banking regulations, emerging schemes and digital-savvy consumers drive the need for a fast, secure payment hub supporting all channels. Banks must balance operational efficiency and delivering instant payment processing with innovating new real-time schemes and payment types to spur growth and lower operating costs.   

Solutions from IBM

Payment process modernization

Modernize payment operations by radically simplifying processes and reducing costs while delivering real-time payment services. Ensure you are complying with regulatory initiatives including PSD2.

Fraud prevention for payments

Provide real-time fraud prevention in any cashless payment system, through any channel. Adapt faster to changing threats and new products by dramatically shrinking the time it takes to test and deploy new profiles, rules and models.

News and events

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Delivering a more secure SWIFT secure zone

While at SIBOS 2018, Dr. Mike Maxwell discusses way to effectively achieve digitalization and customer security programme compliance.

A better way to deliver high value payments faster

IBM combines effective processing and robust security to deliver SWIFT and other High Value Payments better

Leverage new Payments Pricing solution

IBM offers creative z/OS® pricing for Financial Transaction Manager clients wrestling with unpredictable payment workloads. Improve operational costs with Payments Pricing.
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