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Streamline production and innovate software-defined vehicles in the automotive market with AI and hybrid cloud technologies
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An electric vehicle frame on an automated factory line
Use your data to be more productive and innovative

Automakers are awash in data, growing at orders of magnitude. New product features, software updates and autonomous testing call for data governance initiatives across the automotive sector from car manufacturers’ engineering and production to customer service.

Partnering with IBM helps automakers and automobile manufacturers modernize at their pace, using existing automotive manufacturing infrastructure already present in the automobile industry. By enlisting IBM AI, automation, hybrid cloud and Zero Trust technologies, automotive companies can build a faster, smarter, more secure and agile business.


Red Hat and General Motors collaborate to advance technology for software-defined vehicle manufacturing at the edge.


Efficiently manage test data for AI training, verification and validation, speeding development in the race to autonomous driving
Data foundation at industrial Edge

Weave together data from anywhere and apply AI at the edge to empower predictive decision-making

Intelligent automation

Make roles more productive with intelligent workflows that enable people to achieve higher value outcomes, faster

In pursuit of zero defects, zero downtime

Achieve improved product quality, equipment uptime, asset life and worker safety with intelligent asset performance management

Zero Trust security

Transform security from point solutions to an end-to-end, cross platform approach that maintains the integrity of your value chain and protects your connected products, cloud and edge ecosystems

Case studies Platform for software-defined vehicles

Red Hat and General Motors collaborate on a functional safety certified in-vehicle Operating System.

Safe, autonomous driving solutions

Continental achieves faster and more flexible data storage to train AI models

Smarter, digital factories

Toyota focuses on zero downtime and zero defects to keep the line moving

Threat detection for industrial operations

Andritz protects industrial plants, equipment, software and people from cyber threats

Sustainability goals in action

Celestica navigates ESG data collection and reporting for an industrial business

Insights On-ramp to sustainable mobility  

Auto industry leaders and commercial vehicle consumers share perspectives on the inflection point leaning towards electric vehicles. Are we there yet?


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X-Force Threat Intelligence Index

Cyberattacks and extortion are growing. Understand attackers’ tactics and objectives is to stay ahead of threats.


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The ESG ultimatum: profit or perish

Environmental, Social and Governance isn’t a drag on business performance. It’s an accelerator that drives profitability and growth.


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Racing toward a digital future

The automotive industry has operated for 100 years on a single vehicle manufacturing production business model: design, produce, sell and service vehicles. But radical change is coming.


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